Day 1 – Intro

My name is Angela Julian. I live in Memphis, TN. I have 3 adult children and 1 grandchild. At age 47 I “acquired” acute physical pain that started in my hip flexors, moved into each hip and up into my middle back. That is when my body physically collapsed. In 7 months my body was crippled in pain. I could no longer stand or sit! The pain excruciating. No medical doctor could help me. I saw dozens. It was quite a terrible experience. I was eventually “parked” at a pain clinic/hell, told by professionals that I would probably have this affliction for life AND that I would most likely die early due to medication, in one way or another. This was 6 years ago.

I am a smart woman, I think very smart. I researched time and time again what could possibly be wrong with my body, leaving NO stone unturned. My finances depleted and, to-date, social security refused 3 times. Where was I to turn? What am I to do? What is going to happen to me? These questions haunted me day and night. The pain medication was of no use; tolerance levels increasing and I learned that ultimately it was making things worse. This is true on so many levels – Mind, Body & Spirit. I felt backed into a dark corner. I was alone, full of terror and pain. I felt hopeless and suicidal.

Somehow I mustered up the courage to take matters into my own hands. I left the pain clinic, detoxed myself off of powerful narcotics and muscle relaxers and turned to God. There had to be another way, an answer to my suffering! In a desperate state of anxiety, tissue in hand, I went for a walk – but not alone. I asked Jesus to please walk with me. I asked him from the deepest place in my heart to guide me through this. Rather than turn left at the end of the block, which is what I normally do, I walked straight. I ended up in front of a used bookstore which had several “free book” bins on the sidewalk. I approached the very first one in trust that maybe I was being guided. There were just 3 or 4 books in the large bin. I picked up the first one – essays from a Methodist church retreat. I replaced it and picked up the second book. It was old, the jacket and paper yellowed, stained and torn. The title Human Power for Human Problems by Frederick Bailes, large print, 6th printing 1959. As I began to read through it I was inspired to take it with me back home. This was 7 days ago.

In 1915 a young man named Frederick Bailes was dying. He was diagnosed with diabetes, supposedly an incurable disease, and told at best he had 18 months to live. He was studying to be a medical missionary and utterly confused and distraught that God would allow this to happen to him when he was so young and had dedicated his life to serving Him. One day, a few weeks after he received his death sentence, he idly picked up a book at his friend’s house. That simple action changed the course of his life. The knowledge he gained from that book not only cured his supposedly fatal illness, but started him on a missionary venture totally different from the one he had planned.

What did the book say? The book was by author Thomas Troward, an Englishman and devout church man. He studied Indian Religion, Christianity and Judaism. In his book he did not stress physical healing particularly, but outlined a deep-lying principle, flowing throughout the universe that takes one’s desires, hopes and choices and condenses them to form. He showed that this was being done every time we think. He said that anyone of us can bring into our lives anything we wish – through an “Infinite Creative Process” that operates through the mind of each individual.

After 6 years of daily application of the principles laid out before him, Frederick Bailes’ body showed no sign of diabetes. It was a gradual healing process that would take 2 steps forward and 1 step back until eventually he was healed.

Today I start this healing process; actually it started for me the day I opened the book. I wish to share my healing journey with you in hope that it can help you or someone you love. I feel very confident and proud to have made the decision to take my healing  into my own AND God’s hands. The only other choices before me were futile.



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