The Creative Law

Frederick Bailes has introduced to me what he calls The Creative Law. He starts out by acknowledging that some people seem to guide through life happy with success after success while others limp through life: some people are never really happy; they are never complete failures but success is always just beyond their reach; some people get sick a lot, or have aches and pains that seem to be chipping away at their health. He then asks, “How much longer will I ignore this startling difference among people?” I have often questioned this.

There is a difference and there is a LAW that makes the difference. We all use this Law daily, consciously or unconsciously, that brings to the world all the health, prosperity, and peace of mind that it has. The Creative Law supplies the method for putting it into operation. It operates inflexibly and without deviation. It is always creating something, with or without man’s consent; the bad and the good; happiness and unhappiness; success and failure. Bailes says that this is the actual key to living – that man can set the direction of its activity by cooperating with it. The Law exist to serve us; it is as certain, orderly, and unchangeable as are the laws of science.

Bailes has personally seen the proven results of this law in the course of his life; he taught thousands of others how to use it in theirs. He was in fact a minister teaching, to overflowing congregations, along with helping people one on one; he had a very successful radio show and authored many books. The important thing to me is that he speaks my language and I have been thirsting for his voice for 25 years. I have been a student of spiritual psychology for 15 years but something has always eluded me.

Among the changes, the healing that has taken place in people’s lives include: healing from incurable illness, advancement in business where they had been blocked before, Peace of mind where there had been turmoil, Harmony in their environment where there had been discord. The Law operates in every level of society. The common thread among them is that they each found something which has taken the guesswork out of their striving.

Bailes says that as soon as a law is understood it becomes your servant; once fully understood you put it to the test by practicing it. The Creative Law begins with complete self honesty; never avoiding the truth or excusing yourself; never running away from disclosure of hidden and unworthy motives; never shrinking from the necessary steps to be taken in the conquest of your lesser self. I am on a course of remaking myself today, clear to my very center. This means my sincere and careful learning, application and effort.

It will take an entire post to fully explain the exact nature of the Law, but I will state it briefly here. The Creative Law says that all thoughts become reality. We CREATE our own experience; and that when we let the Infinite Intelligence – or God – think His thoughts through our minds the law will then be turning perfect thoughts into perfect experience. 

I have been on a healing journey my entire life. My earliest memories are clouded with thoughts of fear, shame and unworthiness. I have desperately wanted to rid myself of these thought patterns and nothing has worked; I am coming to a clear understanding of why. I am learning how my Creator along with His extended Power and Gift of Co-Creation and the Law of the Creative Process has in fact delivered to me, precisely what it was meant to based on its nature.

Bailes gives a blueprint of what he defines as parent thoughts, master thoughts for overcoming each of them, and a condensed prayer treatment for each of the categories. With the tools provided we can start a new life today. Mine has begun; hope and great expectations have returned. That in itself is a miracle compared to where I was just 2 weeks ago. The Creative Law began working for me within just a few days of applying it. I am on the road to healing crippling, physical chronic pain and a return to living and living well; it is my birthright!

Once last thing: THE LAW DOES NOT DEPEND ON YOUR BELIEF. IT IS TRUE UNTO ITSELF. Your “faith” in this Law need only extend as far as the effort to put it in motion. After that, the Law moves under its own volition. My work is to get out-of-the-way.



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