Acts of Self Love and Prayer Treatment – Setting Expectations

Bailes poses the following questions, “What made you pick up this book? Was it idle curiosity, or was it a genuine interest in learning the laws by which your life can be made better? Did you come across it by accident in a friend’s house, a library, a book store? Or was it something more than an accident, something more than interest or curiosity?”

Was it already part of the Creative Process itself that led me to this book? From what is known of this Law, such a thing is very possible.

Looking over my journal of the weeks leading to me picking up the book: Hidden Power for Human Problems, I see that this is when I declared getting off the all pharmaceutical drugs AND I started defining acts of self-love that I would integrate into my daily life. I found this necessary because I was so disconnected from my body and my entire Self; trapped in constant worry of my circumstances: debilitating physical pain, financial insecurity, general fear and anxiety of what was to come. I believe this was, in fact, the beginning of the end of my nightmare and the beginning of the Creative Process for me.

Bailes then introduced to me the following prayer. He states that in order to get everything possible from healing, to give myself the following prayer treatment before beginning.

The Prayer

“I am made in the image of God. Therefore, the peace that is God’s nature must likewise be at the heart and center of my being.

Nothing was ever intended to interfere with this peace. Whatever is at the bottom of my distress has no place in the Infinite Plan.

I let myself sink into the arms of the Eternal like a tired child in its mother’s arms. Peace steals over me and the quiet of the Eternal wraps itself around me.

Be still, soul, and know that I am God. Father, I become still in Thy presence. I feel now the Infinite stillness. Even though the storm rages without, I feel Thy peace within. I am quiet, relaxed, passive in Thy unruffled peace.”

Hope entered, I was not alone. I held steadfast to the Truth that I was made in the image of God and that peace was His nature therefore it must be mine and that nothing was ever intended to interfere with it. I accepted that I had brought this crisis into my life myself, and therefore I could get myself out of it. I allowed myself to be enveloped into the arms of the eternal, comforted and nurtured, accepting His embrace. I remained still and quiet; I received. It was beautiful; a stirring of energy I felt from within. I was not alone in this crisis anymore and there was a way out. I knew this to be true.



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