How it Works – Perfect Thinking Creates Perfect Experience

There exist a universal principle that can be applied to any situation. It is not confined to healing the body; it is equally applicable to the business world, our studies, and our personal lives. It is gentle, easy and does no harm. I have experienced it time and again. My professional life is sales. Most business concerns I have entered I excelled in my sales efforts, out selling seasoned and equally intelligent competition. The times this was not the case, I can clearly identify the self-doubt and fears that I carried with me.

The Law – which Bailes calls Creative Law – will prove itself in any human activity in which we use and trust it. This is how it works: Consider that man lives in a surrounding River of Mind, into which his thoughts fall, and which ceaselessly turns all thoughts into experience. It’s power is limitless; Its knowledge of ways and means is infinite; Its willingness to produce is without the slightest reservation. It is the working side of the Eternal God.

If all our thoughts are turned into experiences, into events in our life, then I can have perfect experience if I choose perfect thoughts. This is the key and the promise of a life fulfilled beyond imagination. What is perfect thinking? It is not for me to decide. The Infinite Creator is already thinking the thoughts that will bring me what I want. I need only choose to let God think thoughts through me. The impersonal obedient Servant, the River, the Creative Law will do the rest.

Is this scientific? Charles Steinmetz, a giant among scientific thinkers, counting Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison as friends; His contributions to mathematics and electrical engineering made him one of the most beloved and instantly recognizable men of his time; when asked which line of research would show the greatest development during the next 50 years answered, that he believed the greatest discoveries would be made along the line of spiritual force.

“Here is a force,” he is reported to have said, “which history proves to have been the greatest power in the development of men. Yet we have only been playing with it. We have never seriously studied it as we have the material forces. Some day, people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men creative and personally powerful. In the near future, the scientists will turn their laboratories over to the study of God, prayer and the spiritual forces which as yet have scarcely been touched. When this day comes. the world will see more advancement in one generation than the previous four.

Carl Jung recognized this spiritual element when he said that in his patients over 35 years of age the physical problem was at base a spiritual problem, and that only those were cured who re-established their contact with God. Bailes’ message of Creative Law goes beyond psychosomatic medicine. He states that perhaps it would be more correct to say that the psychosomatic concept stops short of the spiritual dynamic necessary to make a complete system.

What did Christ say about this Law? Over 2,000 years ago Jesus tried to show that one cannot bang on the gates of heaven and get a divine handout. His message emphasized that he came to fulfill “the law”. He tried to teach men that they were made in the image and likeness of God. He saw them held in the chains of their false beliefs, believing themselves to be miserable, ill, pour, sick or wicked, under God’s displeasure. He knew that their misery and unhappiness were the results of their false beliefs of themselves and he said, “It is done unto you as you believe.”

We are not punished for our sins but by them. Sin being ultimately nothing more than an error in thinking. The dictum,”The wages of sin is death” is no more than a statement of cause and effect, similar to “The result of reckless driving will be an accident.

This makes sense to me. I can look back on my life and see that when I entered into situations and succeeded, I carried with me the attributes of perfect thought i.e courage, expectations of good results and fairness. When I struggled with doubt, fear or insecurity I did not succeed. It’s pretty simple. Path correction doesn’t have to take a long time. It can begin today. It’s working for me right now with my physical pain and its been less than a week. Each day as I turn my thinking over to God, own my truth – that I am an extension of perfect thought therefore perfect thought and perfect experience exist within me, I feel healing taking place.




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