How do I go about Healing My Illness and My Life?

My reach seemed to exceed my grasp. In prayer and meditation I would process, pray and release, over and over again. Then I would return to my fears, worries, mounting resentments and self-pity. My mind is intractable; It nods assent to my desire, then goes on just as it has always done. I was more baffled than before. I knew Light but was unable to “live” up to it.

Bailes was faced with diabetes and 18 months to live, at best; This was before Dr. Banting had given insulin to the world. The book that he picked up by Troward had an astonishing concept that he puts like this: “God is obedient to man as man becomes obedient to God. Man needs God for power; God needs man as an outlet.

He then had to learn to give his directions to the “Servant.” God’s Creative Law is a general law that he needed to specialize for his own development, healing his diabetes. It was not to be done by altering the law or causing it to deviate; that would be impossible anyway. But by providing a set of conditions that were not explicitly provided for the law.

For example, the law of electricity: the Infinite did not create a vacuum cleaner, an elevator, or a radio; but someone discovered the general law of electricity, provided it with a set of conditions and there you have it. It is the selfsame law but adapted to meet the individual conditions desired. Bailes wished to provide the conditions through which God’s creativity would restore his pancreas and his whole body to perfect health.

Thought patterns must be corrected. I get this. I have been on a course correction my entire life. So, starting with the assumption of the Mind of God, Whose perfect thoughts are perfectly carried out by the Servant, it was apparent that Bailes’ thinking, and my own, diverged from the perfect thinking of the Infinite – otherwise we both would be in perfect health. My imperfect images were being wrought into form along with His perfect thought patterns. The result: a mixed manifestation of good and bad experience. The more successful Bailes was in correcting his dominant thought patterns, the more singleness was brought into his affairs. He stated, “If thine eye (thy vision) be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Emphasis is then put on practice rather than theory, stating that 7 days of practicing the principles of the Creative Law process will produce more proof than volumes of theoretical explanation. He says that throughout the ages millions have looked at it, examined it, dissected, pondered it, discussed it, criticized it, even sighed for it. But then theorist have not been healed. Only those that walked in it received their healing.

In order to direct the Creative Process into action,  first we must understand it. Bailes likens this to the same way we understand that a gear shift is necessary in driving a standard model car. We all know people who seem to come equipped with automatic transmissions that set the Infinite in motion for them without their conscious thought. But the rest of us must consciously go through the separate operations, understanding each one.

After we understand that the Law turns our thoughts into form, the second step is to furnish it with the correct thought to work with. Most of our thoughts are pictures, or images, so a simple statement of this step is that we must form the correct image. And in the third step we release the image to the “Servant,” Creative Law.

In my next post I will explain exactly how Bailes took each of the 3 steps in finding a cure for his diabetes. I personally have been applying the Creative Law to my thinking for 7 days now. I have a new footing; Hope, gratitude and great expectations have returned to my life. I no longer feel alone in the dark. I feel healing taking place in my body. Since coming off the pain medication, yesterday was the first full day that I did not have to use a tens unit, heat, or ice to manage pain. Right now I’m resting on a heating pad, and that’s ok. I AM HEALING.



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