How Exactly – Frederick Bailes Cured his Diabetes

Now that we understand that the Creative Law turns our thoughts into form, just how exactly did Frederick Bailes apply this principle and heal his diabetes? Here he explains it in his own words:

  1. Understand Creative Law

During the years it took me to learn just what the correct method was, I was often discouraged and tempted to place the cause of my misery outside of myself – in God, or in a body operating by laws not under God’s or my control. it is a temptation that comes to most of us.

But each of us stands today exactly where he belongs by the right of consciousness. Some persons cringe at such a statement, shrink from it, adduce arguments and apparent proof to show that their sufferings are the faults of others, or at least not their own. Such persons are the only incurables in the world. They will never be able to move from their present misery as long as they cling to this false belief, for it is a fundamental that each man is the maker of his own heaven or hell.

Sometimes I would complain that I had done everything I could – that if God had loved me He would have healed me long since.

The fact of the matter is that God operates always through His Law side as well as His Love side. The Law side will always produce the same kind of results when properly applied. Two students take up flying; after a given number of hours of study each is allowed to solo. One flies beautifully; the other crashes. God’s whim does not enter in here. One student has come to grasp the principles of flight; the other has left a gap somewhere in his mastery of the laws of aerodynamics. There was similar reason for my failure or success in healing.

He who approaches the Creative Law of his own thought correctly will find that it always responds to him. There is no mystery about it. But this law is completely impersonal. It is not affected by our great need, our promises of reformation, or our pleading. It responds to one thing alone, our compliance with its principles. It never fails when approached intelligently.


2.  Form the Correct Images

“The view that I stood alone, that everything depended upon my unaided struggle, would have been a major barrier to constructive working of the Creative Law for good. This one false belief could have barred the complete manifestation in me of the perfect images held in the Mind of the Infinite.

Therefore, when I composed myself to join with God in giving directions to our Servant, I would first quietly declare something like this:

‘I let my thought move out to the vastness of space as though there were no such thing as a pancreas. With that I have nothing to do. I consider the heavens, the ceaseless movement of those tremendously heavy bodies which are being drawn through space with sublime ease. I think of the resistless flow of spiritual currents that are at this moment, directing, controlling all of the mighty substance of the universe. I lose myself in a sense of the vastness of that force.’

Here I had a new concept of the resistless Power of the Infinite – and a new appreciation of the willingness of the Almighty to intervene on my side. Surely, I thought, a God Who was willing to exert force to hurl giant unthinking masses of molten metal through space at unbelievable speeds must be willing to exert His force to reproduce Himself in sentient man, His own offspring!

In my directions to the Servant, after I had affirmed the Servant’s inexorable power, I affirmed that God was thinking through me the perfect thoughts upon which the Servant would act, somewhat like this:

‘No longer do I let my thoughts hover around my pancreas as a physical organ. I think of each organ as an idea of the Infinite, conceived before I was conceived. It is one separate and distinct idea of God. All of God’s ideas are perfect. I refuse to think of it as having blot, blemish, or inaction. I see it as the willing servant of me the thinker, and this, my thought, is now being taken up by the Universal Thinker and brought forth into actuality. Not being an organ but an idea, it is a perfect idea now. I do not care what the laboratory shows; I now take God’s view and see of His ideas as being perfect. And it is so.”

Notice that I declared the truth. I did not beg, plead, or request, for these approaches embody a doubt – a possibility of refusal. There is no room for doubt in directing the Creative Law. Though you may feel doubt, you do not act on it. Creative Law works not by your feelings, but by the images we choose to form and give to it to work with. This may seem ridiculously simple; all things are simple once we understand them.”


 3.  Release the Image to the Servant

“When, elaborating on the basic ideas, I had through the use of words affirmed what I call a master thought, I released this image to the Servant. My duty then was to go about my affairs, leaving the Servant to work undisturbed. When any doubt tried to intrude, I affirmed, ‘I am glad it’s in God’s hands. I’m glad God is taking care of it.’

The results at first were not striking. After some weeks, however, laboratory analysis showed that the pancreas was beginning to awake from its lethargy.

The course of improvement from then on, though quite irregular, was definite. Some weeks there would be a decided drop in the sugar index; other weeks would show a rise. But the high point of the sugar rise was never quite so high as the high point of the previous rise.

Here I had the first and the only worthwhile evidence that the idea of Creative Law was a sound one: it was working. To all theoretical objections my response is, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Try it; it works’ ”




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