What are Parent Thoughts and How do I Heal Them?

Parent thoughts are negative thought patterns from which negative images are created; They enter into the creative process and give back to you precisely what you requested. I know this to be true. I am a living example of it; We all are.

Bailes gives a blueprint of these parent thoughts along with what he calls master thoughts for overcoming each. He also includes a specific prayer treatment for each of the categories.

I started this process day 1 and have not looked back. I have been given a systematic way to process my negative thoughts as they enter my mind, quickly identifying the error; I then correct it with the related master thought. I improvise with open dialogue to myself that speaks of all the goodness that is the Infinite Thinker; and therefore, is mine.

My pain is manageable today without the need for pharmaceuticals. I am experiencing chunks of time when there is no pain. I know that I am healing; I have no doubt.

“The prayer treatments provided are condensed and are to be used in each circumstance. They are just long enough to include all the necessary elements. But you can add your own thoughts and words so that something of your own consciousness is in the treatment.

You can choose to start a new life. Tell most people who it is possible for them to throw off the burden of aimless, empty, troublesome living that has been weighing them down their previous years; They’ll look at you interestedly, even nod their heads in agreement. But in their hearts what are they saying? ‘It’s too good to be true!’

If you feel any doubt – get rid of it!

Nothing is surer than this: If you want to change your life, to live the happy, successful existence you were meant to have, it is within your grasp.

The principle of beginning again is so simple it’s almost startling. A new life is yours if you choose to take it.”



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