A Prayer for Expectancy of Good – Use Daily

The following is a prayer Bailes wrote for the expectancy of good in our lives. It is a great way to start your day. Any single paragraph could be used, if pressed for time. Whisper it aloud as you read it and take it to heart. I have begun each day, since my healing began, with these words:


“This day I move in a bright new world, which is the reflection of my innermost thoughts and beliefs. Consciousness is the only reality; experiences are only the shadow thrown by this reality on the screen of my mind.

This day I consciously and deliberately align myself with Supreme Consciousness. It always moves in right action; therefore, my affairs this day partake of that all-inclusive principle of right action. I am surrounded by a circle of protection; the Knower within me guides me in all decisions; the Law draws me to those persons, places, and things that tend toward my fullest benefit, and I in turn become a powerful blessing to all whom I meet this day. I reject any belief in, or fear of, wrong action.

My body is a temple in which God dwells; all of His methods and activities are those of right action. I welcome every one of these activities and throw myself wide open to them. Nothing destructive can enter or operate within my body this day, for I am deliberately choosing the most constructive molds of thought.

I wish harm or sorrow to no one this day; all persons wish me well. My business is indwell and surrounded by right action. The Knower in me gives me fresh, vital ideas; I meet nice people, make good contacts, close good sales because people like to do business with me.

My spirit sings this day, for I am filled with the consciousness of Life, a life that is more than physical. I am tuned into every happy, healthy, successful person this day. Their thoughts travel over invisible paths to me and mine to them. I draw strength from them and they from me. I deliberately disconnect my mental pathways from those that are morbid or ugly, for I am alive only to Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Nothing negative can find a foothold in me this day. No doubt or fear can attach itself to me. No accidents or mistakes can occur because I walk in a path of right action, both when I am thinking of it and when I am not. I release myself and all my affairs this day to the perfect working of that Perfect Law, which turns these thoughts into things.

This word that I speak I speak not from myself. It is the Word of the great God in me speaking Itself into my experience. This word has All-Power to fulfill itself in my life and affairs this day. It is the most powerful word in the universe. I release it to the Creative Law of Mind, fully confident that it is now being fulfilled.”

And it is so.



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