The Theory of Parent Thoughts

Bailes states that we, the human race, are basically wired with a set of half-dozen or more basic beliefs that are buried so deeply in our minds that the average person never recognizes them. Yet they are in every one of us, saint and sinner alike. These beliefs are molds in which our futures are cast – even though they remain hidden from sight. There origins are antecedents, with much sorrow, hurt, trickery and defeat of our race, as well as many experiences of victory and happiness.

When born we then must contend with our parents frame of mind and points of reference. Some of us experience happiness, security, and encouragement as children and some of us don’t. As we grow into adults we have formed what Bailes refers to as parent thoughts, that represent an individualized paradigm of how we see and experience our world.

He calls them parent thoughts because each of them constantly give birth to “children.” We see the children, rarely the parent. The children are the unhappy experiences that show themselves in our affairs. Not children of chance, but children of very definite parents. The underlying principle: cause and effect.

Bailes further states that, in the past, man has attempted to destroy the “children,” leaving the “parent to bear more.” What I will be revealing in future post is how to expose, unmask the parent thoughts. When this is done they bear no more children. This is the only method of bringing about permanent healing, whether it be of a sick body, a sick heart, a sick wallet, or a sick business. When this is understood, we are able to move rapidly to the place where we become, as William James put it, “consciously right, superior, and happy.”

I know this to be true in my life. Over and over I would fix the problem, yet they would continue to recur. I get it now. I have been engaging the same parent thoughts repeatedly and giving birth to the same children. Talk about labor pains! Remember that we can start a new life. We can heal. We can change. What a gift.



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