How a Parent Thought Works – Parent Thought of Irritation

Example: “Mr. Bludgin had never feared or expected ulcers, but he had nurtured a prolific parent thought of irritation. He was an impatient man, a driver, an explosive fellow. Physical treatment of a physical ulcer would have only been an attempt to destroy the baby. This is why such conditions often stubbornly resist even the most skillful treatment, or return when the treatment is concluded. The basic cause of the ulcer is hidden deep in the thought life. It must be uprooted or dissolved. Happily, there are techniques for doing this.”

How a Parent Thought Works

“Man thinks not only with his brain, but with every cell of his body. Each cell is a center of intelligence. But the intelligence that thinks within the cell is of the same type, quality, and coloration as that within the brain. Therefore, whatever issues from the brain must become the pattern of the cell’s thinking; The cell has no power to think independently. The cell is only a receptor.

The person that has incorporated the parent thought of irritation into his life is sending waves of an inflammatory nature, coursing along nerve paths, to every part of his body. He is expressing irritation. Every type of thought must find an outlet somewhere. These irritating waves of thought bathe the cells and impart their own quality to those cells, which are unable to offer resistance. This steady day-to-day play upon them gradually irritates, then inflames, and finally breaks down the mucosa of the stomach. The result: an ulcer.”

Mr. Bludgin had never expected nor feared an ulcer. He was busy with his inflammatory thoughts about the stupidity, the slowness, the laxity of his employees. He did not know what he was doing to himself, but every nerve and fiber of his body knew. He was practicing his belief in the parent thought of irritation.

Nothing in the Universe possesses the power to irritate us without our consent. Persons, places and things never irritate us; it is our reaction to them that is irritative. Yes, we are presented with certain experiences and stimulus, but they have no irritating power in and of themselves. If we choose impenetrable serenity, there is no track along which irritation can flow.

We each possess the power to respond or not to respond to stimulus. Some of us react constructively, others destructively. In this analysis, we are the master of our fate, or as Bailes puts it – the captain of our souls.



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