The Power that Is Beyond Irritation

Mr. Bludgins admitted that he had often tried to control his outburst and felt ashamed after each. He also said that he tried, repeatedly, to push the irritating thoughts from his mind, but it never seemed to work. Bailes showed him that it is much more important what we turn to, rather than what we try to turn from.

Man has a Godlike nature buried far beneath his human nature. Bludgins’ own regret and shame over his outburst indicates this. His desire for poise arises from some deep untapped well of tranquility that is part of his spiritual self. The very fact that he preferred an experience of serenity is proof that he can achieve it. Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve. But it must be brought to the surface by the same law by which his impatience was developed.

Bludgins’ impatience was a mental habit; He wasn’t born with it. We are all born with sweet, lovable natures. Through faulty parenting and school training we develop potentially harmful expectations and reactions towards life, which gradually become deeply imbedded in the lower depths of our mind and eventually emerge as definite personality traits. It is not our true self, but blocks that hinder our Godlike nature. Since it is not a real part of us, it is not necessarily permanent.

Bludgins was 50 years old and cried out, “But I don’t have another 50 years to correct this!” Correction can be done quickly; in fact, could show results immediately.

The Power that Is Beyond Irritation

What is the most peaceful scene you can ever remember seeing? This is where you start. Imagining this scene, is there anything irritating about it? It there anything that can spoil its tranquility? Can you imagine it impatient? Is it irritated with financial worries, job stress or depression? When external events are chaotic, fearful, stress causing, does this scene ever change?

Think of  the sun and moon when such external events are going on. They remain unhurried pictures of peace and quiet beauty. They cannot think and decide to go places. Their movements are controlled by God, aren’t they? We can deduce something of the nature of God from His handiwork. Then we can safely assume that the Mind of God is forever at peace with Itself.

We are made in the image and likeness of God; therefore, posses that same quality of peace. This same capacity is hidden deeply in our nature, but we have replaced it by a false belief about ourselves. We believe we are being pushed and crowded by things outside of ourselves. Nothing is crowding us except our own faulty thought habits.

The Eternal within You

When you image your most peaceful scene, very quietly say to yourself,   “I am part of this beautiful universe, part of the silent sun and moon, part of the Infinite hand of love that guides them on their way. Deep within me that which is like God responds to that which is operated by God. The unhurried tranquility of the External is part of my true nature.” Associate yourself with it, not apart from it.

All of us are mystics at heart. When we become aware of a deeper meaning behind what appears on the surface, we are contemplating it mystically.

A mystic is one who penetrates the outer material world of sensations and finds his way into the inner world of reality. In this inner world higher laws prevail. This is the wellspring of life. Here is our world of causation. If we are ever to conquer our moods, we must sink our roots deeper into the unseen. This is what it means to know God; watching to the wonders of His universe, the smile of a child, the bloom of a flower, the beauty of a bird in flight, the earth bursting into life in the spring. We find God through his handiwork.



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