How Mr. Bludgins Healed His Ulcer

If you are not comfortable with the word God, try the Natural Order of Things, if you like.  This isn’t about religion; This is about healing our lives: our physical health, our families and our professional lives.

Coming to know God, or the Natural Order of Things, is not a mysterious exercise; it’s a matter of practice. If we begin to make conscious selection of that which we wish to become, it will eventually show forth in our lives. This is the law of mind; it will not fail us; trust it. Make It close, intimate and within you.

Everyone has an inner light that tells him right from wrong. As we grow in our sense of the inner beauty of all things, we come to the place where we know whether any act is in line with this sense of beauty or not. If it is not, we will give it up without effort. We recognize, acknowledge, then accept that the effect is no longer desired.

We are on a new footing, with a clearer picture of the good that we want and can have in our lives. Our inner self comes to know truth, goodness, and beauty to be the highest values. The important thing is that we start building a new concept of ourselves as being part and parcel of all that is.

We enter into a friendly partnership with God through what we can see of His operations in the universe. This is the beginning of healing. We have come to sense our oneness with the Natural Order of Things and we begin to experience the qualities that we attribute It. Certainly peace, tranquility, and freedom from irritation are among these.

Don’t Believe it – Try it

A truth can be a truth even though one does not believe it. Man partakes in divine nature, whether he assents or not. Our belief or disbelief doesn’t change it.  And we can prove it to ourselves by putting it to the test. For the next 7 days say to yourself, “This is the truth about me whether I believe it or not.” You may not have gigantic faith. But the very fact that you do this will indicate at least a faith as large as a mustard seed. And we have been told that even this much can move mountains.

Mr. Bludgins did just this. When he returned to Bailes he exclaimed, “Where have you been all my life? Why haven’t I stumbled onto this before? I don’t now whether I still have an ulcer, but I’m surely having fun and I feel good inside.”

“We have a new kitten and I sat watching him play with a ball. Its quickness, its grace, and the fact that he seemed to be having fun intrigued me. Then I thought, ‘Why not tie this in with my new idea?’ So I quietly said, ‘The Mind of God is moving through all this kitten’s activities. Somewhere in me that same Mind operates with ease, grace, and pleasure.'”

Bludgins was on a mission to see the beauty of nature. He started noticing the delicate shadings of color in his rose garden, their engineering structure, their rich fragrance. He acknowledged God in each one, planning, constructing its form, distilling the fragrant essence from soil, water, and sun. He came to understand that in him, likewise, was this same Mind trying to bring forth these forms of beauty and pleasantness.

A few weeks later Budgins’ wife called Bailes and said, “What have you done to my husband? I have back the kind of man I fell in love with 25 years ago, and the girls in his office tell me that he is so gracious now that they’re wondering if he might be ill.”

His ulcer soon departed because that which caused it was gone. The threatened surgery was never needed. He now lives as he was intended to live, freed from a mistaken notion that persons, places, or things have any power to irritated him without his consent.




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