Stop Living with the Dead – The Parent Thought of Separation

The parent thought of separation shows up in the following ways: we get jilted, we are deserted, loss of jobs, broken friendships, and a host of other situations in which one becomes separated from that to which he wishes to remain attached.

This person rarely recognizes the cause of his tragedies. He blames disloyalty of friends, ingratitude of employers, gossiping third parties. The reluctant separated person easily becomes the hater, trusting no one, he becomes jaded and cynical.  He can’t see past the immediate cause of his troubles. If he doesn’t heal this parent thought of separation, he will go to his grave blaming people, places, and things for his miserable life. He must be brought to see that the entire thing started within himself.

Sooner or later we are all treated as we deserve. This may seem harsh or callous, but it is the truth. The law of cause-and-effect knows nothing but constantly to produce out their corresponding causes. Once we understand this guiding principle, we learn to no longer blame external factors for our circumstances. Instead, we turn inward to identify what thought patterns, parent thoughts, are creating this unwelcome experience.

You may ask yourself, “Well, what about the child who was deserted by his parents, or who suffered by the hand of a trusted guide? Are not their fates forever imprinted by such experience?” The answer is NO. At some point we have to choose to stop living with the dead.

Thoughts of past experiences, reliving negative events, are living with the dead. It is a mental habit that can be corrected. Yes, process your grief. Allow your passions to take root through them; this is what I have done.

You don’t have to live with dead thoughts anymore. Make this decision for yourself and each time one of the dead appear in your mind – expel it! Replace it with the loving attributes of your Infinite Creator. Claim this to be your truth and move on.

This is the way of deliverance, escape, of healing. The reason why many people lead disappointed lives, to suffer chronically from illness, to fail when everything in the universe is willing to cooperate in their success, is because they are looking in the wrong place for the cause of their unhappy condition.



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