The Universe Thinks Unity – There Are No Atheist

One of the basic master thoughts of the universe is UNITY. The word universe is from 2 Latin words meaning “to turn into one.” It describes one coherent, cooperating system, achieving unity out of diversity.

In truth, we are all One Man, divided into a single cell that makes up the great body of humanity. Our creative system is parallel in its remarkable cooperative interaction of trillions of cells in our bodies, performing their own work, yet always providing beneficent substances and opportunities in support of the others to develop.

It is the same unity in which the sun draws moisture from the earth and returns it as rain; in the nitrogen cycle by which bacteria disintegrates dead materials and returns the nitrogen for our use. Without these cycles the earth would be a dead planet with no plant or animal life. The universe proclaims its oneness, today, with over 7 billion voices.

Many people practice the belief in separation without ever being aware of it. Good will is unity; ill will is separation. Love is unity; hate is separation. A smile is unity; a frown is separation. Praise is unity; nagging is separation. Laughter is unity; tears are separation. Hope is unity; despair is separation. Generous congratulation is unity; silent envy is separation. Trust is unity; jealously is separation.

Man hungers for reunion. There is no such thing as an atheist. Some call themselves this for reasons quite external to their spiritual selves. Men that claim themselves so are atheist of the intellect. No one is an atheist of the heart and spirit; it is impossible. When we are born we all have built within us a hunger for reunion with our Maker. Some recognize it early in life; others later; some not at all. But it is there nevertheless.

Many of the hungers that are attributed to unsatisfied ambition are cries of the inner spiritual self. It is likened to to the physical body crying out for food; So, the spirit of man cannot be satisfied without spiritual substance from his Creator. It’s as if we have a spiritual antenna in quest forever into the unseen. Many of us don’t consciously start this search, but the search is ever going on – that Spirit can meet spirit.

This union takes place along many individual paths. The nature lover is captivated with the beauty of the sunset, though he might feel totally empty and lifeless in a church, he comes alive standing beside a rippling stream surrounded by beautiful arching trees. This he can understand; theology he cannot.

No one should ever be expected to violate his own reasoning processes, to accept theological dogma from which his type of mind shrinks from. Union with God is something far larger than a church membership. Spiritual faith must come from the heart not the intellect.

After all, the purpose of all doctrine is to lead man closer to God. If one finds valid union with his Creator through contemplation of a flower or the heavens, is the result not the same?



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