The Way to Practice Unity – Dispelling Separation

ALL problems are forms of separation from ideal perfection. It is not important whether this perfect thought is in the form of an impersonal Absolute or a personal God. As I said before, contemplation of beauty in nature, seeing the Natural Order of things, feeding your spirit sitting in a church pew, the end result is the same. You are connecting to your Creator.

Each person must discover his own method by which he is drawn into union with the Perfect. The important thing to understand is there exist many roads that lead to a personal healing faith. Your particular road is not important; the destination is all.

Love is a definite healing power. This is a great place to start and very practical. You can begin by praising someone sincerely. One man is known to have recovered from a recurring attack of shingles after he started praising his wife for her cooking, her good taste in decorating their home, and other accomplishments that prior, he had taken for granted or criticized.

We tend to be cruel to those who love us by our failure to appreciate the very facets of that love. Thoughtlessness has killed love in the hearts of more couples than infidelity. The spirit of praise and appreciation can bound people together with bands of steel.

Envy is a practice of separation and kills success in all areas of our lives. When the Bible urges us to “Rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep,” it calls upon union rather than separation. He who envies is weeping because others rejoice. It is a reversal of the stated principle.

Another way to practice unity is to smile. As part of the process of healing, you can consciously and deliberately cultivate the habit of greeting people with a warm smile. The key here is to do it from a place of sincerity, with the belief in unity. In so, you are cultivating a definite master thought to offset the parent thought of separation and living by a principle rather than a rule. Principles intelligently recognized and practiced have more power than surface rules; penetrating thoroughly to deeper mind.

You can practice your belief in unity in a thousand different ways. It does not matter if they are graciously accepted. We are re-forming our deeper thought patterns to bring them into line with what we believe to be the thinking of the Infinite Thinker. If our good will is returned, we are that much ahead; if not, we are not discouraged.

Our chief concern is that we destroy the parent thought of separation. Our method of doing this is not by fighting the idea of separation, but by practicing union. Not by turning from the negative, but by turning to the positive.

Self-mastery is our ultimate goal. The proven way to do this is by turning to the desirable rather than by turning from the undesirable. It is better to build a consciousness of health than to fight illness; better to cultivate the consciousness of abundance than to struggle against poverty; better to develop the inner consciousness of loving than to battle against discord.

Fill your consciousness with what you want brought forth in your life rather than with what you want driven out. Daily practice of this principle will change your life.



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