Your Health And Wealth Begins Within You

Inherited wealth or a brilliant mind will do nothing for us unless we cultivate the ability to make effective use of them. Heaven and hell have their origins within the human heart. We are never condemned by any power outside ourselves. It is us that condemns ourself to a life of frustration. The tragedy is that some of us fail to see where the origin of our experiences lie. We think they are outside us when they are within.

This mistaken view of life can ruin our chances for happiness. The parent thought of futility can bind us in chains where the will to win almost disappears.

Almost – is the key word, because “hope springs eternal within the human heart.” The light may flicker and grow dim, but under conscious thought correction, it can be fanned into a bright flame.

Our mind has a curious way of turning action into habit if this action is accompanied by a strong emotion. When we carry resentment, hatred, jealously, envy – we are setting up the outcome for distressed form to enter into our lives. It is impossible to hold ugliness in one corner of our mind without it coloring our entire thinking process.

Whatever we believe about another, we unconsciously believe about ourself. This internal belief creates our circumstance. Thought creates form. The only thing that can happen to us is that in which we believe. The Golden Rule is not only for kindness to others, but it reflects back on our lives. When we interfere with the good for others we interfere with the good for ourselves.

The Creative Law knows and acts as a principle of reflection, fulfilling itself in our affairs. We may separate our external life from our inner self in order to impress friends, but the law of our mind knows nothing of separation. All it knows is to manifest the totality of our thoughts into form. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways and his negative beliefs about life will take dominance.

Hate destroys contact with Infinite Love. One who hates can never be truly happy. Transformation of your thoughts will change your current conditions. Seeing through love rather than hate has an immediate positive impact in your life. You will soon see the things that you worried so deeply about before to be working out in your favor. This is how the Creative Law works.

Consciously release negative thought patterns and replace them with your Infinite Creator’s loving thoughts, because this is who you really are. You are an extension of His thought, created in His image. Claim your Truth. Continued sincere practice will give you all that you desire.

Each of us must learn the key to our happiness and success in life is in our thoughts. It is to be done to us as we believe. If we continue to believe a lie, we will continue to experience the false and unsatisfying life that issues from that lie.

What is the parent thought of futility manifesting in your life? Lack of money, physical pain, illness? You can make the necessary conscious changes in thought and live the life that you want. The Creative Law is not man’s law but Gods, working through man’s mental operations.



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