Why Choose Fear? Right Action Follows Right Thinking

There is a story about a wise old man sitting beneath a tree in India. The spirit of the plague went by. “Wither goest though?” the wise man asked. “I go to Benares, where I shall slay 100 persons,” was the reply. Three months later, the spirit of the plague again passed the wise man on its return journey. “You said you would slay 100 in Benares, but travelers tell me you slew 10,000,” said the wise man. To which the spirit of the plague replied, “I slew but 100, fear slew the rest.”

As we learn to be at home in the spiritual and mental world, our fears lessen and with the lessening of fear comes a lessening of the effects of fear. We all get twinges of fear regarding our health; fearful symptoms rise up in our minds. We rush to the doctor expecting the worse.

The wise person experiences this rise in panic, quietly declares that by the Law of Right Action nothing destructive can operate in him, and turns his mind to the Infinite Perfection within and surrounding him, and quietly goes about his business, releasing himself to spirit – mind and body, to the beneficent Creative Law. Usually after a few days the passing twinge is just a memory.

My personal experience is this. My mother died at age 50 of lung cancer. She smoked from her early teens until age 36. She carried with her an all-consuming fear that she would die of lung cancer. Did this fear, her repetition of thought, manifest itself as she believed? I question this sincerely.

I smoked, off and on, for the same number of years. Fear would arise in me that I might suffer the same fate, but when it did, I would tell myself, “That was her story not mine. My story is not hers.” I would then dismiss the thought. This was a declaration on my part that I will not suffer her same fate. It has worked so far and I am confident that it is so.

A Fearful Mind Tempts Providence

Spiritual healing is quite different from faith healing. It rests on no person, but on a Law of Healing. This Law cannot operate for us as long as we spend our time feeling our pulse, listening to our arteries, having our lungs X-rayed. Could we say to any flutter in our heart, to physical pain, to every feeling of distress at any point in our body, “You are a bluffer; you are nothing trying to be something, a bogey man hiding beneath the bed; you are a child of my imagination.” Do you think you could take this stand?

If you are ill, you are tempting providence by constantly thinking and brooding about your condition. This is not a debate of the reality of your symptoms. Chronic pain is as real as the color red. I was under doctors’ care for 6 years, having painful procedure after procedure, taking up to 5 different prescriptions at one time. I did not move from a reclined position for 3 years, moving increased the pain. It could not get much worse. I finally told myself that if I am going be in pain, feel the damn pain and get moving. I was no longer going to let it rob me of my life. Remember, the fear of dying is the surest road to dying.

So I said, “No more! I am going to live my life differently, starting today. Prescription medications did not stop the pain, so why am I taking them? It is time to turn the tables.” Most people in this condition don’t accept this reality so easily. I understand, we take comfort in our pain meds. Our bodies may still hurt but the euphoria and mind release is the only peace we can find. It is a trap!

There is a better way. I have found it and you can too. I am not saying throw out all your pain medication. You may need it at times. The healing process is a 2 step forward, 1 step back proposition. What I am saying is that your ultimate healing, living free of pain, begins in your mind. Fear of taking this stand will hold you back. Right action follows right thinking.



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