We Are Not Born With Fear, We Develop It

The fear that drives us has been developed during our lifetime. We were not born with it. Some of these fears have the power to debilitate us. As soon as we learn that fear is nothing but a bad mental habit, we are capable of developing new habits of courage.

The conquest of fear is the conquest of disease; the latter is largely the child of the former. Destroy the cause and the effect dies along with it. Truth is simple, never complicated. People stubbornly look for some complicated theory when the answer is in fact quite simple.

The right pictures become the right reality. Old pictures are constantly being taken down and new ones put up. Our mind does not have to hold onto to the same pictures. Yes, some stay longer than others and some stay for a lifetime, but there is always a constant, even momentary, changing of pictures.

The body momentarily reflects the pictures in our minds. The Creative Law momentarily assumes new forms while dissolving old ones. For this reason we need pay little attention to any given form. For the person who does not understand this Law, a given form may cause them to panic, while the person with this understanding has no reaction – because he knows the truth. He knows that any form in which destructiveness is operating will disappear when harmony of thought returns. He does not fear it because he knows that it is out of tune with Infinite Constructiveness.

When you can look a frightening situation in the face and deny that it has any law to support it, you are making progress. If you will take it one step further and confidently affirm that you know the Power that can change it, you have gone even higher. When you know that your thoughts and words can direct this Force into operation, you are in the company of one of the Masters himself; Jesus, who said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

It is not a matter of time but a matter of consciousness in reaching this next phase. You can begin right now by putting the right picture in your mind. If you a suffering from illness, chronic pain, poverty – stop right here and quietly affirm that your condition is nothing but a distorted thought pattern in form, that it is the outcome of thought from beginning to end. It has no law to support it, except the law of false belief, and you have had enough of it. See yourself walking upright, pain-free, creating abundance, and deliberately remove the picture of yourself otherwise. Replace it with one of glorious health and perfection.

Now see yourself handing the distorted picture that you have been holding of yourself, to the Power that is greater than you. Watch Him dissolve it and together you and the Infinite Creator hang up a new picture, one of health and wealth, condensed into form. Then walk away without looking back to see if the Law is working. You have completely released it to the Law’s hands, thanking the Law for what it is going to do for you. It is done. It is now in the hands of the only One that can turn thoughts into form.

This calls for decisiveness and courage. This is the only way in which the Healing Law may be brought into activity on your behalf. It is simple and effective. The new picture hung upon the wall of your mind will stay there unless you hang another one in its place. By letting yourself wonder whether the Law is working you are replacing this new picture with one of doubt. Whenever such doubt enters your mind, consciously offset it by stating, “The Law is working because it is Law. It always works, whether I feel It or not.”

We can’t always prevent negative thoughts from entering our mind. But we can prevent their getting hung on our mind’s wall; we do this by putting into words their exact opposite. Never give voice to any negative idea. They may swarm about us, tenaciously trying to enter our picture; they may land for a moment or two. But we can refuse to put them into our words. The best treatment is to give words to their opposites as clearly and confidently as we can. This is key in exercising our power of choice and to the formation of new and constructive mental attitudes.

Shun friends and people who whine and complain, people who like to pounce on weaknesses and the mistakes of others. Avoid those who dote on their illnesses and whose conversation is negative or morbid. Seek out the company of cheerful people, ones who think well of others. Keep your conversations in heaven, on the positive. We absorb the mental atmosphere of those with whom we associate.

Remember to use – The Prayer for Expectancy of Good. Daily repetition has a powerful effect. Within days your inner level of consciousness rises to the point where the statements are perfectly inline with your Truth. Your deeper mind will become accustomed to them and will be acting in their coloring, upon your new world. You have furnished the Creative Law operating deep within your mind, a brand new thought pattern which it will obediently work out as readily as it formerly worked out the negative patterns. In time you will rejoice in acceptance of your new world. From here on, life will never be the same as it was before.




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