Healing Starts Immediately – So Does Courage

Healing starts the moment the new attitude is taken. Immediately upon receiving its new directions, the Creative Law proceeds to carry them out, whether we observe changes or not. The illness that shows up in June often had its inception in January. From January to June the person was sick although he mistakenly thought he was well. The same goes for healing that will take place next week or next month has already begun, even though you might mistakenly believe you are still ill.

Don’t let lingering symptoms discourage you. Treat them as needed. They will subside in time. Your focus is on healing your thoughts. Your illness or negative circumstance will follow. You must steadily assert your confidence that the Creative Law is at work beneath the surface from the moment you release it to Infinite Mind. The healing that is taking place beneath the surface will come to light if we don’t waver in our belief.

My physical pain is no longer constant; it comes and goes in waves. I will have a couple of amazing days where I feel almost healed, followed by a couple of days when I hurt. I tell myself that I am healing; this pain, this day, is the residual effect of incorrect thought patterns that are no longer active in my mind. I affirm that accumulative, corrected thinking will eventually reach its crescendo and there will be no more pain. I celebrate that I am healing! I refuse to believe otherwise.

We must persevere with the work regardless of the form that shows itself. There is no doubt that an actual Force is in operation the moment we commit ourselves to it. The Force is resistless; no physical force can resist it. The only force that can block It is our belief. Put your belief on the side of the Infinite and nothing can prevent Its perfect work.

Act Brave and You Will Soon Feel Brave

“One of the most outstanding salesmen in his field was once the most dejected. The salesman said, “I don’t think I’ll ever be a salesman. I’m afraid of my prospects, shrink from interviewing them, and when I do whip up courage to call on them I feel relieved when they curtly tell me they are not interested. Then I can make my exit.”

He went on, “I start out in the morning to make my calls. Then I begin to find excuses. I think, ‘It is 9:15, this one will be busy with his mail, he won’t want to be bothered; perhaps that one will not be in yet, maybe I’ll go over my sales points for a while.’ Perhaps I buy a magazine and read something interesting. By that time I am ready to argue that a prospect will be getting ready to go to lunch. I know these are only excuses. I despise myself for my rationalizing; I try to work up courage, but it doesn’t seem to work.”

Bailes told him that feeling follows action rather than precedes it. If you wait until you “feel” brave you will never feel brave. I suggest that you make a list of more prospects than you can call on tomorrow. Then choose to start promptly at 9am and call upon the first one, regardless of the way you feel.

The salesman said, “But I’ll probably be so nervous that I won’t be able to make a sales talk. I’ll make a fool of myself.” Bailes replied, “You’re making a fool of yourself anyway by sitting in your car doing nothing. The control of this situation is all mental, but we can stimulate the mental by our physical actions. Even if you find yourself tongue-tied on the first call, you would still be a better man than you are sitting in your car doing nothing. Then choose to make the next call and then the next, regardless of your feelings. Be willing even to fall flat on your face with fear, but stay with it. Choosing to follow what you know is correct action will soon make you feel the way you want to feel.”

That day he sold more than in the previous month. He had learned a principle of life. He realized that the successful man pushes feelings into the background and lives by his intentional considered choices.

Here is how he summed up the whole problem, “Formerly I was feeling sorry for myself, afraid of being turn down. Now when arranging my calls for the next day, I feel sorry for the prospects, because they are going to be sold in spite of their objections. Formerly I went in with the whipped feeling I would have if I were put into the ring with a champion boxer. Now I go in with the feeling that he has only two arms and legs, that I know my stuff, and I can take him.”

Applying this brave new thinking is key to healing illness and chronic pain. Days that I awake feeling pain, I tell myself, “I am healing.” I remind myself that this is simply the residual effect of incorrect thinking that went on before.

My personal experience is this: I did a fairly good job handling hardship incurred from my upbringing that continued well into adulthood. Of course, there was always room for improvement, and I kept working on it. Twelve months prior to the onset of my crippling, chronic pain, my marriage ended in a most horrific way. It shook me to my core, leaving me questioning everything I thought I knew of myself. I carried an incredible amount of guilt and shame daily. I believe this was the beginning of my illness, even though it did not show itself physically for another year.

Our illness begins, in thought, long before it manifests into form; therefore, healing is sure to take the same course. So don’t concern yourself with uncomfortable symptoms that show up today. You are living in a brave new world! Keep your eye on the prize – YOU ARE HEALING. Work diligently on what you focus on today: love, courage, faith, kindness, self forgiveness, and most importantly Infinite Healing Love. It is our thoughts today that create our experience tomorrow.




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