The Parent Thought of Hostility

Determination to succeed is a wonderful thing. But when we bring in the idea that we need to compete with others in order to obtain our success, we are engaging the parent thought of hostility. This belief roots itself more firmly in some than others. It works beneath the surface and produces its brood of children.

Bailes gives the example of Miss Flint. She came from a laboring family, went to work in a department store at age 16, determined to become a buyer in record time. She paid attention to all aspects of the business and became their very best clerk. She read books on business, watched carefully what inventory sold best, and studied the buyers decision-making and other processes. It took her 14 long years but she finally made it. She had become a successful buyer.

Miss Flint paid the price for success. She had choked off anyone who seemed a threat to her position. She never shared her trade secrets with other buyers. She was determined to be the best buyer, at any cost. When a few suggestions would have helped another buyer succeed, she remained silent, secretly gloating that their failure would validate her superiority. She was secretly enraged whenever another buyer achieved any notable success. It was suggested to her that these attitudes made her somewhat less than a lovable person, to which she replied, “That’s business.”

Nothing is good business that ruins one’s health. Miss Flint suffered from recurrent colitis, an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Her doctor was considered the best in his field, having helped many with a permanent cure. Why couldn’t he help Miss Flint with hers?

The deep-seated belief in hostility and cross-purposes is probably the fundamental cause of her physical condition and it was suggested that she would probably not rid herself of the one until she dissolved the other.

Bacteria Prefer Certain Climates

Bacteria does not enter the body with the intent to destroy us, even if their toxic effects can kill. They move in for the same reasons that we move to certain locations: they like the climate. They move in to carry on with their process of living. There is no hostile intent.

Perhaps our belief in hostility provides the deep seed-bed for many of the diseases caused by bacteria. It’s a fact that bacteria can cause disease, but Bailes witnessed time and time again that when one kills the parent thought of hostility along with its cross-purposes, the effect of bacterial illness soon subside.

The Infinite Knows No Hostility

The Infinite is never aware of hostile opposing forces; There is and never was reason for competition. Man created this, not God. This must sound foolish to a business man or woman, but it is so nevertheless. If we can raise our consciousness to this level, we can destroy our false belief in unfair competition and destroy the sense of hostility and cross-purposes that grow out of it.

Lets start with the assumption that there is an infinite reservoir of all that is good. Since there are more that 7 billion people in the world, there must be at least that many outlets to this reservoir, one for each individual. Each of us can attract ourself to an outlet. This outlet becomes inviolably ours. No one can enter it or interfere with it. It is our direct pipeline to Infinite Supply.

I think in pictures, so I envision a beautiful pipe attached to the Infinite Reservoir at one end and attached to the top of my head at the other. It doesn’t matter if you use this image or not. You are trying to build a certain belief; the result is more important than the means.

No one can get yours! To be honest, people only think they want what others have, plotting and scheming to push someone else aside. What they want is a common experience. Your position is unassailable because, it can only come to you which you believe. You alone can wrench the connecting pipe loose by your lack of faith and by your practice of the belief in competition. It is in the mind of millions; if it is not in you – it can not happen to you.



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