The Right of Consciousness – Receiving All That is Good

The envious man must come to realize that by developing the successful persons type of consciousness, he too will be successful. Emerson calls it, the right of consciousness. No other person really wants exactly what another person has; he wants a similar experience. He can have it when he goes after it in a truly conscious way.

This line of reasoning removes all envy and jealousy from our heart. We will never again hold suppressed rage towards a competitor who is succeeding. If we are not on the same path to success then we must look within ourselves for the cause. We will “rejoice with them that rejoice” in their success, knowing that it will be done unto us as we believe.

Miss Flint channeled the same determination she had in her rise to success, towards changing her thoughts and beliefs. Her physical condition began to improve. During the next few months it flared up occasionally, but within 6 months it left for good – as she perfected the change in her inner most thinking.

Maybe any illness of bacterial origin could be handled this way; Bailes witnessed it hundreds of times. We have all heard stories about self-sacrificing people, filled with love in their hearts, assisting the highly contagious sick, yet not contracting the illnesses themselves. Who could deny that the absence of harboring hostility might have been its own disinfection?

The parent thought believed produces its own children in its own time. If we have the emotion, we have the underlying belief. Illness is not God’s punishment for sin; it is the inescapable consequence of destructive thought. Fortunately, we can uncover these underlying beliefs and correct our thinking.

We have all experienced loss, whether it be a lover to a rival, a profitable business opportunity, a job threatened at the hands of a double-crossing peer. This is the working out of the parent thought of competition, hostility, and cross-purpose.

Your Own Will Come to You

What is ours will come to us by the right of consciousness. Any idea held steadily in our mind will bring forth in experience. Consider a child brought up in a scary and negative environment, over and over exposed to awful things happening. When he begins his own life his expectations are grim. He is conditioned in fear and low expectations.

Some faiths pick right up where negative parenting leaves off, spouting threats of a fearful and jealous God, the idea of burning in hell under the condemnation of an outraged God, etc. He has never been given the vision of his true reality, that he is partner with a loving and creative God. The few that break through this conditioning and demand life on their terms – succeed.

His previous negative experience, his story, was based on fact. All that it depicts may be true, but when the other side is adequately presented he can unlearn the belief that he is subject to the vicissitudes of life. He can come to realize that he is the master of his own life.

When Jesus urged man to repent, He never said that they should grovel before God. He wanted them to completely change their approach to life. Illness, poverty, wars, exploitation of the weak by the stronger, are not expressions of a loving God. They are expressions of false beliefs passed down from generation to generation by the parent thought of hostility.

When we affirm our statement of belief we set in motion a tremendous current of power. By making our declaration without mental reservation, we are nearing the answer to our prayers. Conscious, sincere interaction with the divine is the key to our mastery of life, of the healing of our body, and of the manifestation of the Good in all our affairs.



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