The Parent Thought of Obstruction and Delay

The parent thought of obstruction and delay shows itself in our lives when we just almost, but not quite achieve our goals. This is a prevalent condition that can effect our personal as well as professional lives. We may fail to get the marriage proposal when all indications were that it was coming, or we bring a prospect up to the point of signature only to talk ourselves right out of closing the sale. It also operates very decidedly in the body by way of coronary occlusion, stoppages – irregularities of some sort.

Like all other parent thoughts, it can be dissolved when approached intelligently. Ask yourself this question, “Is God ever blocked or delayed?” Of course not. As previously suggested, we can get an idea of divine thought by seeing the evidence of it in the universe around us.

The heavens not only declare the glory of God but also His nature. We can count on the sun rising each morning and setting each evening without obstruction or delay; the seasons roll around with ceaseless regularity, seeds expectantly produce crops, and babies are born practically to the day. We rely on universal events to arrive on schedule with no delay.

As with many parent thoughts, the belief in obstruction and delay can often be traced back into early childhood. With no malice intent, our parents may delay fulfilling desires and sometimes a child’s needs until a later date. This happening repeatedly can contribute to the belief that good and needed things aren’t necessarily expected to come with ease.

How a Parent Thought Grows

Once a parent thought is accepted it becomes like a magnet attracting itself to similar thoughts. It strengthens with these similar experiences in the deeper levels of our mind until a considerable history of frustration and delay; hostility or irritation; has formed. Unconsciously we set expectations low in receiving what we most want in our hearts. The foundation of the belief in obstruction and delay has been laid.

For many believe this isn’t the case for. They feel very strongly that they are going to achieve their set goals. But the mind can be tricky and elusive, able to conceal streams of thought far beneath the surface.



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