Expect the Best and You will Receive It

If you want the best you must expect the best. All of creation strives to express itself to its fullest potential. Rather than think of the many reasons why what you desire won’t happen, think of all the reasons why they can. Remember the saying from childhood, “can’t never could?” It still applies.

The Infinite did not create frustration and delay, man did. There is nothing mysterious in receiving what your heart desires. You simply must begin to align your thinking with God’s and in doing so you will begin to experience your full potential.

We get what we expect. Our experiences reflect our inner most beliefs. Cause and effect are inseparably linked. Not any single thought, but your general system of thought, finds its effects in obstructions over and over again. If you find yourself constantly frustrated, having to push through, to make things happen; you are experiencing the parent thought of obstruction and delay.

Bring yourself to the place where you don’t see obstructions and delay threatening your every move. Get into the frame of mind where you believe that you have a Silent Partner who agrees with you – that there is a clear road ahead. You are of His nature, and you have no right to encounter obstructions. Learn to expect the good to happen.

Each morning you awake, deliberately ask yourself, “I wonder what good things will happen today? What good contacts will I make today? Where will my creative ideas take me?” Cultivate the expectancy of good rather than of trouble. This is no gimmick; you are aligning yourself with the Infinite that knows nothing of obstruction and delay, but only that of ease in expressing good in your life.

If need be, take baby steps, act as if you really want to believe that a new life can begin for you today. Think yourself into the happening that you desire. Start to see yourself as part of the universe, that precisely the same law that operates the universe must be ready and willing to operate in one of its parts.

Open yourself to the idea that God is trying to think His thoughts through you. Tell Him that you are willing for Him to do so, and then for your own edification say this, “Infinite God thinks through me with the same lack of frustration and delay that I see in His thinking through the lesser fragments of the universe.” Then allow it to be.

We are part of all the phenomena in the universe: the silent pull of gravitation that holds a heavy car to the road without strain, the effortless pull of the moon that circles the earth every 29 days, its resistless pull of the ocean tides. From this standpoint, is it not easy to imagine yourself in partnership with an Impulse that has never been successfully obstructed?

Make yourself part of all these phenomena. Most of us at times have thought of God with reluctance, indifference, and even fear. It is time to change this. We can find within ourselves a warm and welcome feeling, a new idea of a working relationship with our Creator. When our false beliefs are healed our entire life will heal.



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