Choosing a Spiritual Experience

From a psychological stand point we need go no further in order to heal our bodies and our lives; We can stop here. Many have done so and greatly benefitted. But why should we if there is still so much to gain? There is an additional step to take that will become the keystone of this grand new arch that we desire to build.

We can make this a very powerful and distinctly spiritual experience. We can and should go all the way in capturing an Infinite view of ourself.

If my illness, my chronic pain, is only the result of an unreal nightmare, then their must be within me some center of truth and perfection. How else could I think of this perfect freedom? The following statement was written by Bailes, for those of us that wish to take this next step.

“All my life I have been looking upon the outer appearance, which is only the hallucination of one in delirium. From this moment I deliberately close my ears to every voice that tells me these delusions are basically real. I choose to believe that in God’s sight I am unblemished; I now state my belief that the tides of the Infinite Healing Presence are the only reality within me; I walk from now on “into the light, that lights every man and woman who comes into this world.”

This simple statement has been used by thousands of people who came to Frederick Bailes for their healing.

Faith Is Action, Not Feeling

Have you ever planted flowers? You dig holes in the ground, drop in the seed and pat the ground down above it. Then you wait and let God do the rest. Before long you have beautiful flowers in bloom. This is faith in action. You had faith that soil, water, and sunlight would germinate seeds by the law of nature – regardless of any feeling. When we pray our faith rests in the soil of the Infinite Ground. We show that faith when we release our thought to it.

When you pray, you don’t have to experience any particular warm feeling. Place your faith on a non-feeling basis if you need to. Believe first that the Law of Mind is responding to your thought, as you believed the soil would respond. If you feel doubt, then quietly say, “I would like my feelings to support me in what I am doing, but I believe that Mind responds to me. I am stating the truth about myself and it remains true whether or not I believe it to be so.”

Bailes describes it like this: “Every man who advances in life has exercised deliberate, conscious choice against the inertia of feelings. Caveman had to shiver in freezing temperature until one man chose to transfer fire from a lightning-struck tree into his cave. The inertia of feeling has kept the majority content with things as they are. But the advancing, probing minds of a few have always chosen to believe that there could be a better way.”

We are growing with speed when we can say, “I am believing and knowing in spite of what I feel. When my feelings tell me that it’s no use trying, then I switch to my power of choice, and declare that my faith is in the Law of God’s Creative Process – not in my negative feelings. We are told: “You will know the truth, and the truth (not your feelings) shall set you free.”



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