The Parent Thought of Overload

Mrs. Weakley was paralyzed along one side as the result of a stroke. She was in Long Beach, California, with a nurse who helped her in and out of a wheelchair. She had heard about Bailes’ lectures and requested him to contact her. She explained to him her condition and years of suffering. Her son had consulted with the very best neurologists, all of whom said she would never walk again.

Bailes learned through their discussion that her condition developed after she had been widowed and that certain experiences in her life had seemed extremely devastating. In her own words she exclaimed, “I didn’t know how I could face them!”

Bailes explained his theory of parent thoughts to her. On his 3rd visit, her nurse welcomed him with these words, “Mrs. Weakley has a new trick she wants to show you.” Before his eyes, she got out of bed and remained standing for several minutes without any support. She had not done this since her stroke. She continued to exhibit her progress. The following week, she was limping around her bed, touching it only occasionally for support.

Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Independence

Bailes never said to Mrs. Weakley, “Do this and you will walk again.” Nor does he tell a diabetic to eat sugar, or for the person with an ulcer to eat high fiber fruits and vegetables. Spiritual healing is not about getting involved with medical practices; rather, it consists of explaining the principles of the Creative Process and the power of choice in making decisions that call upon the spiritual law of cause and effect. The only person that can produce healing within yourself is you.

Mrs. Weakly’s health continued to improve over the next few months. She still carried a limp, but made remarkable progress. Several days before she was scheduled to leave Long Beach, her son came for a visit. Awaiting his arrival, Mrs. Weakley poised herself in the hotel lobby; as he walked in, she rose from her chair and slowly walked to him. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he asked her what treatment she had taken. Her reply, “I received my results from prayer.”

The Parent Thought of Overload at Work

If you remember Mrs. Weakly’s had made a declaration of not being able to face a given circumstance. The feeling of overload in not uncommon. When in this lonely and desperate state of mind thoughts like, “I simply can’t go through with it,” or “This is more than I can bear.”

These were my exact words regarding the circumstances that ended my marriage, “Not this, anything but this, I can’t bear this.” Days later I experienced, as best I can describe, what felt like electrical impulses shooting throughout my mind. When I let myself think about or see the related images, I would feel a physical shock and jerking of my head, as if I was being rewired. We humans are tough, with the ability to take on great amounts of stress. I believe we all have our tipping point and that I had reached mine.

There are 2 points I wish to make here: 1) The body is continually swept by the stream of thought emerging from the brain. In the process, the brain consciousness becomes the cell consciousness. Cells are good soldiers, performing their orders dutifully. The cells in of themselves do not create, the thinking brain takes the lead. 2) The person who would heal himself must shift the deciding factor in his recovery away from the uncertain actions for the body, to the more certain procedures that he can originate in his mind.

Instead of feeling insecure and helpless in the grip of a body that will not behave, you must now see with all certainty that the body is your servant. You start by reforming you inner thought patterns, in turn you are nourishing your cells with thoughts of their perfect structure and function.

Your body does not want illness. Health is natural, sickness unnatural. Imagine if your cells could speak, they would say,”Hey you up there, will you please change what you’re sending down here because we’re quite uncomfortable and we will gladly cooperate if you will?”

It cannot be said enough, the body does not break down of its own volitions. A muscle or a nerve does no decide that it will refuse to function. It is compelled to cease by the thinker in the body, who often is quite ignorant to the fact that he is imposing limitations on the body.

Fundamentally every structure in the universe is built to sustain its own load. The body is no exception, with the ability to endure far more strain than we ordinarily put on it. Did you know that the fear of dropping dead is more dangerous than the heart condition from which the person suffers? The body is a loyal friend, fighting to sustain our good health in spite of the bad mental treatment it gets.

We have a tremendous margin of safety in our muscles and nerves, but they are depleted by the draining away of courage and hope. The bible tells us that we are never given more than we can bear and that God will not allow us to be tested without any way of escape. This is our guarantee against overload. But when we are in the middle of the storm, we tend to forget this. We panic and allow our minds to see only the tragedy. We hang upon the wall of our mind a picture that says, “Not this, I will never be able to get through this one.” We feel defeat. It’s a complete picture of overload.

The body that receives this false mental picture, day in and day out, perhaps for months will eventually succumb to this excessive strain and deprivation. It doesn’t take long before the steady pressure of the parent thought of overload takes its toll. Defenses can no longer maintain. Then the thoughtless thinker wonders why he should be made to suffer, innocent of the fact that he has unwittingly brought it upon himself.

I am living proof of the effects of the false belief in overload. I had forgotten that I have Infinite resources and power to deal with whatever may come my way. I am also living proof that it doesn’t have to take a long time to experience relief. This is true for you as well.



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