Life Is Not Meant to Break Us Down – It’s Quite the Opposite!

The person who is overwhelmed by life, fears it – resigns himself to illness, believes it to be “the will of God” – is ungodly. The Infinite God knows nothing of overload and has no fear of it.

If we start with the assumption, “like Father, like son,” then we must cultivate the attitudes towards life that our Father – God has. If you are a follower of the Bible, you can find your guidance throughout its pages. Or you can turn to another of God’s books – Nature. Infinite Intelligence reveals itself to different people in different ways.

The requirement for healing is that you establish a contact with something greater than yourself. However you do this is up to you. The important thing is that you establish the kind of contact that fits in with your type of mind and spiritual development.

Knowing that there is something within you that is greater than anything that can ever confront you, life can never break you down. You can endure anything, undergo trials and come through successfully. It will not only lead to your healing; it will illuminate your concept of life, helping through life’s more challenging times.

The picture of overload is a lie and belief in it will only act to confirm itself by producing destructive effects in business affairs and in the body. The offspring of this parent thought will manifest in characteristics that could lead to anything from a nervous breakdown to bankruptcy.

The good news is “the truth shall set you free!” The truth is that we have the right to manifest in ourself the conditions that mirror God’s perfection. The seeds of perfection are within each and everyone of us; our goal and intent is to allow them to come into fruition.

“Be ye perfect as your God in heaven is perfect,” is not meant to be a command of impossibility. By placing this statement first in thought, think of yourself as perfect as your Father in heaven thinks of Himself as perfect. You are his manifestation. None of us ever achieves perfection here, but in striving towards His perfection, we can be free from the effects of a belief in overload.

Bailes gives us the following prayer treatment that many have found most effective:

“I know that my body was created as a perfect instrument for all of God’s adequacy. Every nerve and muscle of the body knows this. It is its nature faithfully to perform every function easily and competently.

Infinite God has never seen anything that can resist His movement. He has never had the slightest qualm concerning His ability to carry the load of the entire universe. Every star and planet is manipulated easily and effortlessly in its march through space. Staggeringly heavy, they are as puff balls in His powerful hands.

His mind is my mind. His qualities are mine. His effortless approach to burdens is mine also. He is my strength, because He thinks through my thoughts. Nothing could possibly overload me or break me down, for it then would be overloading the Father in heaven. This is not possible.

I face the darkest moment of life with His courage. There is no desire in me to shrink or to run away from any load I have to carry. Even the heaviest trial could not overload me, because the “Father in me doeth the work.”

I allow myself to rest in the quietness of God in me, For He in me is greater than anything in the outer world. Every cell of my body nods assent to this prayer and responds to the new flow of spiritual energy coming direct from my Father.”

This particular prayer is very important to me. I rely on it daily as I rely on The Prayer for The Expectancy of Good.

I don’t remember a time in my life that I ever felt truly safe, secure, or carefree, not even in childhood. There was always so much turmoil and uncertainty in my home. This belief that life was not easy created an imbalance in my life, showing up in all my affairs. A decade prior to the acute onset of chronic pain I experienced pelvic organ prolapse (look it up for the gory details!) My health issues are clearly the result of my belief in the parent thought of overload. Thank God I don’t have to believe in this lie anymore!

Change isn’t always easy but it is necessary if we want to live free of illness and want peace and harmony in our lives. Remember the saying, “It is always darkest before the dawn?” Don’t lose sight of this truism. The guiding Light is beautiful.



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