The Parent Thought of Loss

The Parent Thought of Loss is rampant in our culture; most people don’t even realize they harbor it. It causes some of the unhappiest experiences in which we lose property, friends, jobs and love. It also shows up in our physical health.

“In the truest sense, there is no loss in the universe. We call a thing lost when it has gone out of our possession without our conscious desire.” You can’t put your hands on it but it’s lying somewhere maybe in the gutter, under a stack of papers, or perhaps in someone else’s pocket.

On the level of Infinite Mind, nothing is ever lost. This Mind surrounds and possesses  every particle of matter anywhere throughout the universe; therefore it can be intelligently  assumed that God has neither belief in nor fear of loss.

If the mind can experience only that in which it believes, then if you heal this fundamental belief in loss, you will no longer suffer loss. When we fear loss, we fear that we are not capable of reproducing within ourselves that which God is in Himself. This is a denial of our basic nature.

For however imperfect our images may appear to be, the fact remains that we are made in the image and likeness of God. None of us are able to perfect His nature within ourselves, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. “If we can raise our level of belief and acceptance even a notch or 2, this corrected belief will show itself in definite results.”

Stop Consenting to Loss

Thought definitely chosen and steadily adhered to, will ultimately be accepted and worked upon in our deeper mental levels. This is the law of mind. It will work as well for you as in the past it has worked against you. A belief in fulfillment automatically dissolves out the belief in loss. Forget about the idea of loss and bring the idea of fulfillment into the forefront of your mind as much as you can. You might not feel a strong conviction at first, but it will grow after you make the definite choice.

See yourself as a part of the Mind of God, His thoughts are non-dualistic; He thinks single-mindedly. Make yourself part of God’s fulfillment by thinking in this way:

“I and the Father are one; therefore I surrender my imperfect thinking. I am going to let this Mind that was in Christ Jesus be in me, thinking Its thoughts through me. These thoughts are thoughts of fulfilled desire since all of God’s desires are always being fulfilled. The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want for any good thing. He restoreth my soul, my thinking; I will fear no evil and I will choose to dwell in this house of the Lord forever.”

Be secure in your faith, whatever your channel to Source may be. Formal titles of doctrine or labels are not important. What is important is that you exercise your faith; the outcome is certain. What you have lost may never be recovered but your faith in fulfillment will always meet your expectations.

“Life is never unfair. Its seeming harshness is only the consequence of our belief. Life’s law is always, “learn or suffer.” The choice is ours.




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