Every Ending is a Beginning

A parent thought can develop from just one traumatic experience, one staggering blow. It could be the death or betrayal of a loved one, the sudden loss of a coveted job or position. Grief can become a morbid state. You don’t have to necessarily carry the thought of the experience around with you 24 hours a day, but once a parent thought is developed, it produces its own offspring.

You can choose to recover. You can choose a new life experience. It begins with the realization and the promise of what life truly has to offer you; it begins with your belief. In the process you gain a beautiful sense of oneness with your Creator. You will experience a level of unity with God like never before. Rather than faith being of theory it will prove itself in fact. As you allow Him to think through you, your newly formed relationship will be as real to you as any relationship you have ever experienced in your lifetime.

Lost things often are restored 10 fold when one corrects the underlying parent thought of loss. Sometimes they are not, but of one thing you can be certain: You can bring into your life that which more than compensates for what has gone.

Every Ending Is a Beginning

When you persist to think only of what you have lost in your life, you are bound in slavery to a repetition of loss. You would do far better to cultivate the expectancy of that which is ready and willing to come into your life, if only you will let it.

Endings are endings only if you believe them to be. A door that closes can be closed for good, but for every door that closes there is always another ready to open, if you believe that in can open. Every ending can be made into a new beginning. Amid the wreckage of shattered hopes, a brave new world can be built, but we must build a brave new attitude first.

But how do we do this? There must be a dynamic-in-being, a Power within ourselves with the ability to create and re-create – to turn thoughts into things. There is only one Power in the entire universe that can do this. That Power is God.



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