The Feeling of Unworthiness and Finding a Partner

The belief in rejection is coupled with an inexplicable feeling of unworthiness. Unless it is healed, you marry beneath your level, or are unreasonably jealous and in constant fear of losing the one you love. When a certain level of fear is reached, reasonable or not, the jealousy in and of itself can be sufficient enough to make fears come true. In the business world it leads to job loss.

The fear of rejection can be born out of ridiculously insignificant events. We are not always able to trace the origin of our false concepts.

Knowing that the basic parent thoughts are the cause of all negative experience, it stands to reason that if we live our life with unsatisfactory outcome, a parent thought is in control.

We are basically living our life under the compulsion of a lie – false beliefs. Parents and Teachers don’t have to have malice intent for the belief in rejection to form within a young person’s mind. It happens at the hands of society, churches, peer pressure, from just about anywhere there are social gatherings.

A false belief can only be kept alive by your faith in it. You can destroy it by building a new belief in its place.

Think First of the Other Person

Two-way contracts, whether in Marriage or Business, only work when you put the other person first. If either party clings to a deep-seated acceptance of rejection, this communion cannot last. And the insecure partner would be destroying the partnership while striving to maintain it.

We each have our image of the ideal partner, in love and business. You are that ideal image to someone and they are to you. You need not trick or scheme for this partnership to flourish. Think of the level headedness, peace of mind, and companionship that you alone can bring to the table. This is how successful partnerships are made. Belief in yourself and faith in your partner. Together, you build and grow from the very bond you mutually agreed upon.

The Best Comes to Those Who can Picture it

You may not be in the ideal situation today. But don’t you dare settle. First you must believe that you can have the best. You have to first cultivate the belief. If you are in a marriage that you are committed to then this is the vehicle in which the best will come. You will have to cultivate the belief that in this two-way marriage you and you alone are the person who can bring fulfillment to this man or woman. The answers you are looking for are within. You must trust this.

God knows where you are, with whom you are with, and the struggles that you believe to be real. He also has the Perfect Answers for you. There is no reason why he would bring two people together only to mock them. You are together because the Knower wants you to be fulfilled. And for those that are still in search of someone, Bailes offers the following Prayer:

“I know that I have believed a lie in thinking that I was ever rejected by anyone. I know that I am greatly desired by the type of man/woman who would fill my ideals. I know that we will never find true and lasting happiness until we find each other. We need each other equally. We each desire to give and receive equally.

The Infinite Knower knows where each of us is today. He is even now moving us across the chessboard of life so that we shall meet, and we shall recognize one another. I let go of all my tenseness, relinquishing the entire responsibility for the meeting to the Infinite Knower. I know that we shall know each other when we meet; that I am not in competition with anyone else for this person, and they are not in any competition with anyone else for me.

We need each other, we want each other, we love each other. I release this whole situation to the Infinite knower, giving thanks for its completion now, even before I see its manifestation”

Believe in your destiny and it is yours!!




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