It Is Done To Us As We Believe

There is a buyer that wants exactly what you are selling; There is a mate that wants exactly what you are offering, our appearance, our type – us! And the deal will be closed – because we and everything around us is part of the Infinite Substance,

There is nothing that fades within us that denies the truth of what I am saying. Any long-lying sense of rejection is now being healed within, as we invite the Infinite Healing Presence to dissolve it. We live day by day in a real sense of acceptance. We are accepted by all whom we meet.

We turn ourselves and our business over completely to the Divine Agent who knows our needs and desires. We let go of all our inner tensions. We bless our surroundings, we bless everyone who walks past us.

This is our word, spoken in the quietness of our new faith. We release everything to the Infinite Creative law which alone can turn our thoughts into things. We are thankful for Its cooperative response to our belief and our word.

This is all that is needed, a changed belief about ourselves, and about life. Changed circumstances follow – as the grass follows the new rain. Remember the Law: “It is done unto us as we believe.”

Jesus did not accept the problems that so many hurled at him. He stressed what He could and could not do. He said repeatedly, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”Jesus refused to accept the problem on the basis of His powers; he placed the solution in the area of the man’s faith, which is the only place where problems can be solved.

This is true in business as in physical healing. He who fails in business must not look outside of himself for the cause; it lies within. The sale of property or goods, the winning of love, the advancement to higher responsibility in the business world, all come from the level of one’s consciousness, the very same principle that heals the body. Change your outlook, and you can change your world.

This is by no means an easy task, but it is simple and it does work. Persistence pays off. There will be times of doubt, times of heightened states of pain; We are allowing our consciousness to be healed. The more corrected thoughts put in, the more good experiences are ours to have. Trust this and don’t ever give up.



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