A Head Full of Knowledge and a Body Full of Pain – Can We Direct God?

Can we possibly direct God into action? Most early religious training conditioned us to believe that God is awesome, that He must be approached with fear and trembling, or at least with reverence, and that any attempt to tell God what to do must meet with rebuff or rejection.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for the newcomer is the statement of the absolute obedience of the Creative Law. It seems amazingly presumptuous that frail man could possibly direct God into action.

We are Biased Towards Health

If God, through spirit, is always expressing at the highest level, then illness is an ugly imbalance; It is an imperfection. God’s acts reflect a bias towards health. What doctor’s refer to as the recuperative self-healing power of the body is God’s desire for a perfect body. Self healing is His design. So directing the Creative Law into action is simply us aligning ourselves with what It already wants to do.

The ill-formed thought patterns that brought about our illness, my chronic pain, are now replaced with more perfect thought patterns. We then present this to the Law side of the Infinite so that it can engage Itself with this more acceptable picture.

The built-in bias toward health that the body manifests is encouraging. The body can stand a terrific amount of abuse like: faulty diet, bad habits, overstrain, accidents, and gunshots. The body weathers severe storms and fights its way back to an even keel, often astounding physicians when by all the laws of pathology the patient should have died.

Where did this indomitable tendency to fight back onto an even keel come from? We know that the body has no intelligence of itself. It could come from nowhere but from the Infinite Architect who designed it. And we can assume that the Creative Law welcomes any effort to direct it in restoring normalcy.

God Doesn’t Condemn Us

It is time to correct the belief that man lies under God’s condemnation. The myth of the fall of man is a relic of an ancient theology. It is scientific fact that man is an evolving being. When grasping this privilege we can live on a more stable level of oneness with our Father; that we fail sometimes is no dishonor. We are not condemned for failure to live up to divine standard, they are just childish errors – they are the result of incomplete knowledge. Humans are children in the school of life, and through our mistakes we learn to do arithmetic correctly.

Many people are afraid to view truth from a new angle, especially when it comes to God, spirit, creation and science. They are held in bondage by mentors or preachers with stern warnings. Many of them fall to illness, poverty, or unhappiness.

Bailes often uses terms for God that are not Bible terms; yet they throw light on some phase of God’s character that is necessary in understanding Him. He sometimes uses familiar Bible verses with a different interpretation, one that his experience has shown bears directly upon life. And lastly, he presents a view of Jesus in which he depicts His human and His divine sides as being representative of the human race.

As I stated day 1, Frederick Bailes speaks my language. Being a student of spiritual psychology for almost 20 years, trying to understand and grasp how to heal my life through spiritual principles, led me to Bailes. I had a head full of knowledge and a body full of physical pain. I was missing the mark and on a search for the missing pieces. Today I practice Bailes teachings rigorously and when the pain intensifies I feel it, heal it and rest. Repetition is key.



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