The Secret of Abundant Life

Jesus stressed that all the gifts of life grow out of union with the Giver. Salvation is the reunion of God and Man, and Jesus did His best to show men how to become reunited with God through thought. His sense of union was so vivid, so alive, so intense, and so productive in its results, that He could unequivocally say, “I and the father are one.”

Religion tells us over and over that Jesus had authoritative power because he was the exclusive Son of God. But we have also been told that we are all Sons of God. He promised us, “The works that I do shall ye do also, and even greater works shall ye do.” He said further, ” These signs shall follow them that believe…they shall cast out devils…they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover…”

If orthodoxy is about following the commands and the example of the Christ, no church leader is orthodox who does not include authoritative healing of the sick through an understanding of the same spiritual law through which Jesus healed. It could even be described as heresy to deny that Jesus meant His disciples to be healers also.

The religious leaders of the first century wanted and needed Jesus to be special, exclusive, the one and only Son of God. They distorted Jesus’ teachings by proclaiming His healing abilities were a special order or dispensation to enable the church to get started. They then distorted His central theme and teachings, misrepresenting the purpose of His life, one in which He was willing to go to His death.

We were robbed of the one proven method of escaping bondage. The door of heaven was slammed shut. But heaven is not a place, it is a life of union with God, which leads to dominion over everything arising out of man’s earth nature. In this union there is no sickness, want, unhappiness or discord. Jesus’ sole aim was to teach us the secret of a happy life. He said, “I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly.”

Belief is Healing not just Preaching

Jesus stated emphatically that the power to heal lay in one’s belief. Unfortunately, institutions became powerful and rich teaching a message of their own making. Our God given inner light, and vital truths which are of the heart to the heart, were lost. In there place ceremony and outward form were substituted; emphasis shifted to outward spoken and written creed.

Today Spiritual Healing is making its way back into many places of worship. The message is clear and comes directly from the teachings of Jesus. It can be said that Jesus healed more than He preached.

Spiritual healing has been going on since the very beginning. The power to heal lies within each of us. We just have to believe without doubt, trust without doubt, and practice without doubt. We begin with healing our own lives and from there we can then help others heal.




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