Allow the Infinite to Fully Express Through You

All along I have stated that the Creative Law wants to heal, is obedient to our word, and is quite willing to move in with all of its tremendous force whenever our heart is thrown open to its healing currents.

The most important thing to be assured of is that the Infinite seems eager to manifest Himself at the highest possible level. It is this same outthrust that makes the tree root lift a concrete pavement that is ready and willing to break through the manmade barriers of illness, poverty and unhappiness.

There is nothing to overcome; the Healing Principle intensely wishes to experss Itself. All It needs is to receive that directive word and It rushes in to obey.

In the beginning, when It heard the word of God saying “let there be,” Spirit responded by bringing a world into form. Today, when It hears man say “let there be,” Spirit is hearing the same word of God, for man is the channel through which God speaks.  We are the channel through which the Infinite speaks.

We have the faculty for God-consciousness, we have become intelligent, self-conscious cooperators with God. This is the Supreme Partnership: “I and the Father are one,” but “my Father is greater that I.

We are on a journey of self-discovery. Throughout the geological ages Infinite Intelligence has apparently constantly sought higher expression. Philosophers and and scientist are now coming into agreement that this is the only rational explanation of creation at all. Just look at the Internet today and how billions of people can communicate and share ideas instantly. Infinite Mind evidently intended creation to be His organ of expression.

Infinite Intelligence never rushes things. We are impatient and want perfection now. We want all the sorrows of this experience to be dissolved now; we want everyone to be sweet, beautiful and kind now. We wonder why God doesn’t step in and stop war and other horrors; we sometimes wonder whether God cares. But He can only do for us what He does through us. Through Spirit he gave us full self expression with no interference.

We are the Ideal Channel for God

The thoughts of God mingle with the thoughts of man. We are the highest form of the kingdom. This is what makes our minds the ideal channel for the Healing Process. We have both self – and God-consciousness. God sleeps in the rock, becomes conscious in the plant, self-conscious in the animal, and God-conscious in man.

In man, the Creator has come to the place for the fullest outpouring of all of His ideas, as if our brain has become the violin upon which the Divine attempts to bring forth celestial harmony. Having evolved this complex thinking structure in us, the Infinite stands aside to allow us to discover ourself and our potentialities. God will not pull aside the curtains of mystery. This is our task. He is perfectly capable of knowing anything he wishes to know, but it must be along a pathway of self-discovery.

Spiritual Hunger

The desire and instinct for God is as true a part of our nature as the instinct to eat or to mate. The latter of the two, being physical, may be indulged in a gluttonous or animalistic manner. They become refined through the emergence of the first. The hunger for God is necessary so that we shall be at home when we arrive at our true destination. The physical appetites are fleeting, the spiritual appetite is eternal.

Spiritual appetite is of the inner invisible thinker, trapped for a few decades in physical form, but destined to break through into the ultimate freedom of a completely spiritual existence.

The few decades we are on the earth plain are akin to kindergarten years, we use our five senses to navigate experience. But we also possess spiritual feelers, constantly probing the spiritual world. Our spiritual intuition tells us, “If I die, I shall live again.” The instinct for immortality is not a mockery; it is a voice of the Infinite within. It tells us this life is much more that we can see, feel and hear. It tells us we come from eternity, continuing consciousness; consciousness has its origin in the Eternal and can never die.

Our spiritual ideals are the unwittingly sparks of the Divine Ideal. Our concepts sometimes waver, as if the Divine Light disappears for periods of time, but the Light Itself never wavers; It is the unchanging Reality toward which we journey , and It is planted on solid ground.

Our Voyage of Self Discovery

We must choose to know the truth. We have reason and intelligence sufficient to learn the facts about our relation to God and the mechanics of our own mind – “Man, know thyself.” We already have all the mental equipment for it. Many of us are using it with most gratifying results in their external affairs. Something more potent than human argument is bringing this knowlege to the surface. The outward thrust of the Eternal is nudging us on to our manifest destiny.

The purpose of life is that we shall know ourself, our Divine origin, our almost incredible potentialities as a child of God and a co-worker with God. For those of us that choose to tread a higher pathway to well-being, the Healing Law will rush as air into a vacuum; for “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard…the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him”



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