Your Mind Can Heal You

The real cause of sickness is found in tangled emotions, in the fears and anxieties, the jealousies and envies, the frustrations and bafflements, engendered by our attempts to achieve happiness and to meet the demands of our lives.

The fact is that illness is not so much an outward physical manifestation as it is an underlying mental state. Illness is the outward sign of some inner mental or emotional disturbance. It follows that any remedial action directed only at the physical form will leave the fundamental cause untouched. In the following dictum Remove the Cause, the health seeker (we) must therefore learn how to erase the destructive thought-pattern before we can hope to eradicate the physical trouble.

In medical science, the first law of healing is: remove the cause, and that is usually sought in the body tissue. Today, however, even medical practitioners have come to see that the fundamental cause of sickness lies in the mind. This doesn’t mean that people just imagine they are sick, and  then can imagine they become well. The explanation lies far deeper than this in the intricate, complex activities of our minds.

Each one of us can have good health; it’s not a whimsical Providence to a favored few, but rather the outcome of right and healthy thinking. As I have stated before, thought creates form. Think about that for a minute – your thinking creates the form, the circumstances, that your life is today and will be tomorrow.

“SICKNESS AND HEALTH,” says author and Minister Frederick Bailes, “have their origin in corresponding mental states. There is a definite technique of mental and spiritual treatment that sets Mental Law into action, culminating in health.”

There is a definite Law of Mental Healing. This law can be applied by anyone, regardless of his or her mental strength or will power, and is conclusively demonstrated in the stories I will be sharing with you.

Dr. Bailes closely observed the mental factors which entered into the recovery of patients. He noticed that certain fundamental thought-patterns invariably produced corresponding body reactions, and that he could produce these reactions/healing by stimulating their causative mental patterns.

There exist conclusive proof that both sickness and health find their origin in corresponding mental states; that there is a definite technique of mental and spiritual treatment which sets mental law in action and as a result brings physical health.

I’ll be writing about this inspirational and practical guide to healing illness based on mental science. It’s application has cured 80% of crippling, chronic pain that I suffered for 6 years and it did so in less than 90 days.

My message does not involve questions of religious belief. Its sole purpose is to point out the definite steps the mind takes on its pathway from sickness to health.





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