How Thought Causes Illness

We are not a body containing a mind, rather, we are a mind operating through a body. This is a fundamental truth that must be accepted if there is to be mental and spiritual healing.

We live in inner consciousness, not out in the outer world. The things that we suffer, we suffer within our consciousness as our nerves report sensation.

Under anesthetic, where our consciousness is inundated, we don’t feel pain. This is also true for certain hypnotic states, where the mind is directed in an opposite direction and pain is not felt.

We will be discussing just how our mind works in order to understand the true relation of mind and body, and why the assertion is made that mental states are responsible for illness.

The body, of itself, is the result of the activity of our Mind, it is molded by Mind, and it is changed by Mind. We observe superficial examples of this daily; a sudden sense of shame causes our face to flush and fear causes it to turn pale.

Today more than ever the mind body connection is being recognized, along with the direct connection of our emotions and bodily conditions.

The following study was done and published in the Journal of American Psychosomatic Society – regarding upper respiratory infection. 29 undergraduate students who had gone to the college health service within a 2 week period for treatment for severe upper respiratory infection were compared to 29 students selected at random that had no symptoms or history of major disorders.

Questionnaires and tests determined the following:

  • the number of distressing life situations they had had during the previous year
  • the way they had dealt with these situations
  • the effect on their emotions

The group with the infections was found to have had “significantly more disappointment, failure, and role crisis” over the group with the good health record; in fact, personal disappointment, failures, set backs, uncertainty and indecision, had been building over the past year.

They failed to deal satisfactorily with distressing situations. The general pattern being:

  • defiance and rebelliousness
  • striking out against authority
  • retaliation
  • danger-seeking

The failure to to resolve those situations resulted in a feeling of helplessness and the escalation of a variety of unpleasant emotions – specifically depression, hostility, and anxiety.

The results and conclusion of this test show that the reactions to the distressing situations, weakens the body’s natural defenses and makes it more susceptible to illness.

A similar study was done on children with asthma that showed a relationship to the psychological environment of the home. These same children had precipitating factors: the emotions of anger, anxiety, excitement, and depression.

Dr. Margaret I. Sellers, an expert on viruses, also of the University of California at Los Angeles, says that anger, anxiety, and other emotional stresses may make it possible for virus infection to enter the brain more easily. Such emotions release 2 body chemicals, adrenalin and serotonin, which help break down the body’s strong natural defenses.

Chronic pain, stomach ulcers, skin disorders, heart trouble, anemia, digestive disturbances, colds, sinus trouble, colitis, and many other physical troubles have been scientifically traced to a mental origin.

As Bailes says, thoughts create form; negative and hurtful emotions will manifest a negative and hurtful life experience. I carried most of these symptoms and negative emotions for 47 years. Then my body physically broke down. After receiving no kind of solution from the medical community, I researched and found this new and extraordinary corrective thought solution. Within 4 months 80% of my pain is gone and I am returning back to a normal, joyful life experience. It feels miraculous!



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