Did You Know You Think With Your Whole Body?

How can it be that our mind has the power to influence bodily states, even going so far as to develop actual disease conditions?

Man thinks with his whole body. Every separate tiny cell is an infinitesimal spark of Mind. There is not a single point in the entire universe that is not indwelt by Mind; therefore, there is not a single atom in the body that is at any moment separated from mental action.

We think as if there are 2 worlds – the physical and the mental, and find it impossible to conceive of them being one in the same. Mental activity cannot be separated from physical manifestation. In a sense, that which the mind thinks, the body thinks, and that which the body thinks, it becomes.

Illness is distorted thought in a visible state. The distorted physical form that we call “illness” is the distorted thought-form in a visible state. The problem is primarily one of thought, and the solution is likewise. The control of sickness is mental, because sickness itself is mental.

The body itself has no power to generate illness; illness is merely the shadow thrown by the mind. A healthy mind will shadow forth a healthy body; and unhealthy mind will shadow forth an unhealthy body.

Every new cell created in the body is under the influence of either a negative or positive thought, producing a negative or positive physical manifestation. In truth, the cells are the thought itself.

Happy thoughts mean healthy cells; sick thoughts mean sick cells. It is necessary to fully understand and believe this in order to produce a bodily condition of abundant health. You are either all in or you are all out.

Did you know that the red corpuscles in your blood are built at the rate of approximately 1,000,000 per second and are normally passing on at the same rate? Multiply this by the various other parts of the body, and you can see that this organism that we call “man” is a whirling dynamo of thought-energy; Mind ceaselessly falling into form.

This being so, it is not farfetched to say that the control of sickness lies in the control of the thought and to change a physical condition one must change the thought. Therefore a technique that enables us to change the character of our stream of thought is necessary.

Dr. Bailes has developed a technique that has worked for 1,000’s of people over his 50 year healing career.

It is sufficient at this stage to say that the technique does not consist of will power, concentration, or repetition. It consist in the conscious unification of oneself with Universal Intelligence, which never of itself has a sickness thought, therefore can never have a sickness form.

Sickness is the outer evidence and sign of an inward disturbance. Health is the outward sign of and integrated healthy mind. Here is a sample of healthy thoughts versus disturbing thoughts:

  • Love – Hate
  • Generosity – Selfishness
  • Trust – Jealousy
  • Hope – Despair
  • Faith – Fear
  • Honesty – Deceit

We think through every cell in our body, taking direction from our Mind thoughts. If my mind is in fear then my entire body is in fear eventually manifesting physical illness.



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