Evidence of Thought Creating Form

This first example I think we have all experienced at some point in our lives. For me, I was in a boat with my sister; she was eating an orange and I was drinking a coke. As I watched her eat the orange my coke began to taste like the orange and I couldn’t finish it. I didn’t understand the dynamics of what was going on at the time.

This same phenomenon has occurred countless times when a person is on stage playing an instrument like a horn or trumpet, and in the audience someone is sucking on a lemon, purposely or not, the performer experiences an unanticipated flow of saliva – a purely mental cause.

Second example: This experiment was cited to show that it is not necessary to think of a particular manifestation in order for it to occur.

Stanford University selected 12 people to participate in carefully safeguarded tests to determine the effect of mental action upon their digestive activities. Could thought alone change the digestive fluids?

To make sure that only mental factors were involved, the subjects were not allowed to see or smell food. They were placed in a room and told to talk about their favorite foods and the preparation of them. In 2 of the subjects their digestive fluids increased 600%, the remaining averaged an increase of 100%.

A person will say, “I have never thought of heart trouble, but I got it just the same.” The subjects in the experiment were not thinking of the flow of digestive fluids, yet what they were thinking and talking about manifested the physical change.

Universal Mind knows the entire process because It designed it and builds the process into every fetus providing the necessary structure to be carried out upon birth.

Nothing comes into our life but what we attract.  Again, the patient says, “I never asked for arthritis, I never even gave it a thought.”

After Dr. Bailes spent some time with him discussing his life circumstances and experiences, this is what he discovered: “His wife’s sister lived a mile away. He detested his sister-in-law and her husband, but his wife insisted that every Sunday afternoon they walk the mile for a visit. He had tried every excuse in the book to avoid these get togethers to no avail. They had gone on for years; His wife was very strong willed.

This inner conflict and his hidden rage, plus his strong desire to find a way out of going, became the dominant thought-pattern until it became a controlling factor in his life. After 12 years of this he began to develop arthritis. It was a gradual process and finally he could not take the weekly walks, so he stayed home.

Dr. Bailes pointed out to him the possibility that his mental experience had a direct connection with his physical condition. And his desire not to walk to his relatives’ home had been taken up by Universal Mind so that he had attracted his physical condition – even asked for it.

He was shown how to adjust himself to the situation so as to remove all sense of irritation from himself regarding it and in 2 months the arthritis had disappeared. His mind had healed him.”

I know how incredible this all sounds. But after much study and review of these healing stories, along with my own monumental improvement of chronic pain, I can’t deny this mental process of healing.

We soon will be delving into specific spiritual and mental treatments given by practitioners; a practitioner being one who treats himself or others. But first we have more to learn and understand regarding the nature of our self-healing design created by Infinite Designer.



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