Universal Mind – Impersonal Law

If you have come this far in reading my blog than you have learned that God does not give us illness, punishment, or judgement in any of our affairs.

God or Universal Mind is entirely neutral. It has no personal desire; it works through an impersonal Law. It is directed into action by our spoken or unspoken desires if they are strong and clear enough to become dominant. Spirit is personal; the Law is impersonal.

Consider the Law of Thought like the law of electricity. The law of electricity will unemotionally and impersonally kill the person who grabs a naked power wire just as readily as it will toast his bread, because it knows nothing but to work according to the law of its action.

God-Mind works strictly according to It’s Law of being. It is our own ignorance that makes It seem cruel and unjust. It takes thought and deep contemplation to fully understand that we alone make our suffering.

When my mind thoughts are thinking crisis, then guess what? I am in crisis. When my mind sends out constant, compounded negative thoughts, Creative Mind – by It’s Law – creates the experience I am asking for.

Natural laws are our master as long as we don’t understand them; when we understand them, they become our servants.

Just as the man that grabs the naked wire unknowingly asking for or attracting death, because he is doing something that in a universe of law cannot bring him anything but death, so the one who allows himself to be saturated with destructive thought is attracting destructive physical manifestation.

Knowing the strict impersonalness of the Law of Mind we can swing into co-operation with it and begin to experience the beneficent side of Law.

God is not unjust. In a sense, He says, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose ye.” In each of us lies the power of choice which can recreate our personal world.

The very same Law of Mind that makes a man sick will make him well. Sickness is not a punishment for sin or result of God’s will. There is no punishment from God. Sickness is the consequence of a wrong understanding and use of the Law of Mind, just as a crashing airplane is the result of a wrong application of the laws of aerodynamics. There exist no personal element of the Law of Mind.

As truly as the law of aerodynamics will lift a man into the air and carry him easily to his destination, so will the Law of Mind lift and carry us into a high level of living, free from sickness and rejoicing in life – when we understand it!

Chaos would result if any law were suspended for a moment. Consider the elements that compose matter, without law matter would flow together and fly apart without rhyme or reason and the universe would destroy itself. Whether we like it or not, we must face the fact that we live in a universe of unchanging law.

Our progress depends on our knowledge of law: Happiness results from a proper adjustment to universal law, unhappiness from a maladjustment to law.

I am applying this new understanding in all my affairs. I keep my expectations high. When negative and fearful thinking enter my mind, I expel it immediately and replace it with thoughts of my true nature based on Universal Mind.



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