Mental and Physical Healing

We are primarily thinkers but who hears the voice of the thinker? I am recognizing that my mental world is governed by law just as truly as my physical world is and the proper use of Mental Law multiplies my mental and spiritual comfort.

I am finding that millions of individuals are increasing their mastery in living, in deliverance from sickness, and in financial supply through their individual use of the Law.

Our race belief is one of suffering, lack of supply, and illness. We have been experiencing this for thousands of years. We hold these beliefs as our truth. While those that understand and apply the Law of Mind have emancipated themselves from the belief in and the distress of all types of suffering. They have come to recognize their spiritual truth and the cause and effect of their distorted thinking.

Belief is your ticket to freedom. Every person today who still suffers under the darkness of false belief and the inevitability of illness can step out as long as he believes in the possibility of freedom.

There have been spiritual and mental healers since the beginning of time, and these came from men and women that did not think of themselves as healers, but carried a message of a spiritual life.

A healer is simply one who facilitates healing by opening themselves up to their own spiritual truth and extending it to another until they are ready to accept it. Once this is done, spirit incorporates the Law of Mind for healing.

I incorporated Qigong into daily practice simultaneously with my thought correction and spiritual healing. They work beautifully together in managing and eradicating  my chronic pain. Qigong Energy Healing has been successfully practiced for thousands of years.

Energy and Spirit are synonymous. How have these methods of treating sickness grown? By one thing alone. They have proved themselves by their results.

Western medicine is beginning to take notice. Hospitals have always provided a place for prayer. Now many are providing “hands on” energy healing to supplement recovery of their patients.

For many, this involves a revolutionary change in one’s accepted ideas of the origin of illness. The emphasis shifts from the physical into the mental and spiritual world, calling for less dependence on material methods and greater reliance upon the intangible power of thought.

It’s imperative that physicians today consider the thought-life of their patients and treat the inner cause as well as the outer. I spent 6 years of my life seeing doctor after doctor for a clear diagnosis to my crippling pain. It was a humiliating and futile experience and such a waste of precious time.



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