The Power of God Lies Beneath All Systems of Healing

What is the underlying Infinite Intelligence that allows so many different forms of healing to take place? Is it not strange that the four schools of healing: Allopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic; should all get excellent results from their diverse systems of treatment? We must go beyond the specific system to find the real cause of healing. Dr. … Continue reading The Power of God Lies Beneath All Systems of Healing


Diverse Material Methods of Healing

In the Universe - there exist a fundamental Healing Principle operating independently of medication. It is in action whenever anyone gets well. Just consider the following: A redwood - or any other tree for that matter - heals itself by forming what's called burls at the point where a limb has broken off. The burl contains … Continue reading Diverse Material Methods of Healing

Points of Consideration II

Man's body is one with the Body of God. It is a sacred temple in which Spirit dwells. Man's subconscious, or subjective, mind is one with Universal Subjective Mind. It has access to limitless Intelligence and Power to heal. Man's conscious, or objective, mind is one with Goad as Spirit.  It has the power to … Continue reading Points of Consideration II

Health, Mastery and the Power Within

Mastery in any area of our life begins with the recognition that we have access to unlimited Power. Prior to this recognition, we flounder around at the mercy of circumstances. We make futile attempts at progress often circling around and around recreating the same life experience. Many have come to this realization seeing the truth, and … Continue reading Health, Mastery and the Power Within

Above So Below – The Knowledge that Heals – Part 2 BELOW

Since man is in the small what God is in the large, man is a similar trinity. We are material in body on the lowest vibration; we have a subjective mind (subconscious); and we are a thinker, being one with God on the highest vibration. Aspects of the Human Thinker Body: Before going any further into … Continue reading Above So Below – The Knowledge that Heals – Part 2 BELOW

As Above So Below – The Knowledge that Heals – Part 1 ABOVE

"When one reaches an inner awareness that he is indwelt by all the Power and Presence of God, not just a tiny fragment of it, it awakens within him a sense of security never before imagined"  Frederick Bailes The Science of Healing is based upon a proper understanding of the mind, the way it works, … Continue reading As Above So Below – The Knowledge that Heals – Part 1 ABOVE

Points of Consideration I

If you want to discover your true nature and begin to make practical application of what you have learned, think through each idea below carefully, and govern your thoughts accordingly.   Man lives in his inner consciousness, not out in the outer world. Superficial physical changes can be observed following changes in mental states. Scientific … Continue reading Points of Consideration I