A Spiritual Treatment

Let us assume that sickness or distress shows up in your life. This spiritual treatment is to assist you, not only into proper thinking, but with instruction that will enable you to correct your current faulty position.

I am quoting Frederick Bailes from his book Your Mind Can Heal You.

Spiritual Treatment

“The first thing is to know that this limitation is not a part of the Infinite Plan. It is an experience of our own consciousness. It has no law to perpetuate it, for Law is working always to support the perfection of Spirit.

Then we turn completely away from any contemplation of this thing, to the contemplation of the Healing presence within. We declare that this Presence has the only rights in our consciousness, and we welcome it. We invite it to make itself felt. We fill our consciousness with the thought of the spiritual perfection, which is the only thing that can manifest through the Spiritual Substance that is our body.

If doubts persist, we deny the Reality and the Truth of everything that contradicts our words. We treat to know within ourself that our word can change the appearance of this condition.

We declare quietly that since no place was provided in the body for such images, they must be false. They cannot possibly have any power over us because we do not believe in them. They are interlopers, claim-jumpers, trying to bluff the real owner off the land; they have no rights and no power of themselves. They have fooled the race, but they cannot fool us into believing in their Reality. They are boogy-men that used to scare us as a child, but now we have arrived at spiritual maturity, we wonder why we ever allowed them to have dominance over us. In other words, we do not allow ourself to be swept off our feet emotionally. We calmly speak the word, knowing that it is the word of Spirit.

We frame our statement, making it quite specific, talking in every point that might help us see the truth and know it.

If the heart is involved, we specifically declare that the heart is the vehicle of Spirit, and that the healing Presence is at that very spot at this very moment. Whatever particular organ seems to be in the picture, we mention it, praise it, surround it with our healing love, and speak our word for ease, harmony, proper functioning, and for the sensation of well-being.

Thus we present the picture of a perfectly harmonious organism, the dwelling place of Spirit.

We do not fall into the error of struggling with all our mentality to fight off the invader. On the contrary, we release the whole thing to the great Law of Mind, knowing that since it holds in place every huge sun and every tiny atom, it is now in control and bringing our thought about our body into manifestation. We keep our consciousness in as relaxed a state as possible in order to let Spirit flow out into manifestation. We let go, and let God do it.”     Frederick Bailes

We are in the process of removing incorrect thoughts about who and what we are and replacing them with our true Divine nature. We are Spirit. Claim all the power of Spirit and you are being true to yourself. Habits form easily and this is one that will change your life and give you the life experience you want and deserve. It is your birthright.



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