Healing Treatment – Forgiveness


Jesus brought this out on several occasions. “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors” in the Lord’s Prayer is not for eternal forgiveness of theoretical sin. He referred to a fundamental principle: that any grudge held within the heart automatically shuts off the manifestation of spiritual perfection. This is why bitterness allowed to remain in the thought-life has often wrecked the ability of a sales person or ruined a business owner, as well as affecting the health of a person.

When Jesus told his audience that if they came bringing their gift to the altar and remembered that there was hard feelings between them and another they should leave their gift, become reconciled to the brother, then come and offer their gift, he was teaching fundamental spiritual Law.

It is not always necessary personally to contact the brother and make it right. This is a good thing to do if it is feasible, but the chief thing is to get right within ourself with him, to erase the bitterness on our side and within our mental states.

It is not that God looks down and says, “That is good; now I will heal you,” but that it re-establishes us mentally in the universal Harmony, which is the only state of mind in which spiritual perfection can be manifested.

We can never manifest a desirable physical state while entertaining an undesirable mental state. We must bring our mental state into harmony with the physical state we want to manifest.

Healing Treatment

There is no magic power in words themselves; it is the conviction in which we speak them and proper thought. It is thought that heals. An entirely different form of words might be used in the same kind of treatment, and those words would be powerful because the thought that gave rise to them was clear and powerful.

Use the following treatment as a guide. Bailes instruction says to read this spiritual treatment 3 times daily after 15 minutes of reading and meditation upon spiritual things.

I Angela Julian, am surrounded by Universal Subjective Mind. My sister, Tracey Julian, is also surrounded by this Mind. We are both thinking in it and with it at this moment.

There cannot be two hostile thought-currents in this One Mind. I speak this word, which is the Law unto my mental state, that in Mind there is but one peaceful condition; that my sister and I are both completely at peace in that Mind. I forgive myself and her for our blindness in this raising disharmony that was not there in the first place. I completely eliminate and erase and dissolve all sense of hurt, all anger, all irritation.

There is nothing anywhere that has the power to irritate me, because I dwell in the eternal calm of Spirit. I am the embodiment of Spirit, which dispenses nothing but peace, harmony, perfection.

I embrace Tracey Julian and surround her with my deepest and warmest love. I surround all persons with the same divinely inspired love.

I speak my word for the complete removal of all sense of irritation concerning anything anywhere in my world, which I come in contact.

My body is Spiritual Substance, and cannot be limited by anything that irritates. My back, hips and legs are the dwelling place of Spirit, and know only peace. I am free of all pain. I now direct the Law of Mind to manifest in my mental states and in my body that spiritual perfection which is always the state of Spirit.

I now consciously deliver this body over to the perfect working of perfect Law according to this my word of perfection.

And I rejoice in its perfect fulfillment because I know that it is done as I say even now.





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