As Above So Below – The Knowledge that Heals – Part 1 ABOVE

“When one reaches an inner awareness that he is indwelt by all the Power and Presence of God, not just a tiny fragment of it, it awakens within him a sense of security never before imagined”  Frederick Bailes

The Science of Healing is based upon a proper understanding of the mind, the way it works, and its relation to the great Mind of the universe.

The following outline offers the spiritual Creation of our universe, as Frederick Bailes and many spiritually minded scientist put forth:

The Mind of the universe or Cosmic Intelligence is continuously, at all times, working throughout the universe. There is indisputable evidence of laws of order in the universe. Einstein knew this to be true and was supported by the top physicists of his era.

So where is the evidence? Just as the fish asks, “What is water?” so we ask, “Where is this intelligence?”

It is all around us! A blade of grass grows by following an orderly plan. From the smallest microbe to the largest elephant, you can see the construction is based upon an intelligent plan. The design of our human body: heart, stomach, nerves, and blood vessels, show to be constructed the same in each species; This is no accident.

Once we understand that there is an Intelligence backing the universe, the next logical step is to determine what our relationship is to this Intelligence.

Bailes says that if we can answer this than we can solve the problem of sickness; that the secret to healing lies in man’s ability to consciously unite with Universal Intelligence, drawing upon it for the removal of disease thought-patterns and the substitution of health thought patterns. Millions of men and women have already eliminated sickness from their life experience with this knowldege.

Science has proven that all intelligence is one; matter is all one,  and that all the so called different laws of the universe are in reality One Law. The same intelligence that we use to plant a garden of flowers is the same Intelligence that grows the flowers and runs the universe. It differs only in degree not in kind.

There is no such thing as your mind and my mind. We think with the One Mind of the universe. Individual thought is the use of the One Mind at any given time. It can truthfully be said that man’s mind is God’s Mind. Once understood, we can picture it as a great surrounding ocean of Mind, in which we are submerged and draw from.

Arriving at this conclusion, we now consider the 3 different aspects of this Mind.

  1. It seems to be subjective or subconscious, having no power of choice, but must be directed into action.
  2. It’s highly intelligent, all the knowledge of the universe within it.
  3. It’s nature is to move in the direction to which it is directed.

But what does the choosing, the reasoning and the directing?

Bailes posits there is another phase of Infinite Intelligence that we might call First Cause, or Spirit and that if we go back way beyond the beginning of form, the obvious conclusion is that the universe must have been “thought formed.”

The earth could not have possibly called itself into being. Matter exists in a state of inertia, it has no power to move itself; it must always be acted upon by some form of energy outside itself.

This energy is Thought and is the product of Intelligence; therefore, we can assume that before matter flowed into form there must have been an intelligence to propel it.

Some people call this Intelligence “God.” Others call it “Cosmic Intelligence,” “the Infinite Thinker,” or simply “the Infinite.” The name doesn’t matter; the fact that it exists does.

This Intelligence works in two ways; first, it determines what it wants done; second, it carries out the directions. The second phase operates always as law, having all the knowledge necessary to construct anything that is made, but working always with a pattern before it.

If it were able to deviate it there would be no law in the universe, only chaos. For want of a better word, It performs as a mathematical Thinker.

The 3 Planes of Vibration in which Infinite Thinker Operates:

We have God as Spirit, the highest, least tangible vibration, wishing to create a formed universe. With Spirit, to wish is to create.

Within Spirit is the great Substance of the universe, called by some “the Body of God.” This Substance, characterized by inertia, must be acted upon by a force outside itself. It is of the lowest most tangible vibration.

Spirit therefore uses Mind operating as Law to mold and form the universe into the dense material that we know. The vibration of Mind, being lower than that of Spirit, makes it subject to Spirit, and being higher than that of matter, makes matter subject to it, therefore, God as Mind might be termed the middle vibration.

Thus, Spirit, First Phase, speaks its will – Mind, Second Phase, obeys and molds Unformed Substance, Third Phase, into the form of the Pattern that Spirit holds.

As Above So Below

This phrase comes from the beginning of The Emerald Tablet, an ancient document of Egyptian era. It is key in understanding the power of our mind.

“‘That which is above is the same as that which is below’…Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as God. God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as…and infinitum.”

We have the power of Universal Mind to heal our body and to make of this life all that we want it to be. As above so below, shows the way. Our Mind is the individualized Thought of God’s Mind, His Design, His Intelligence.

This is the knowledge that heals.






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