Above So Below – The Knowledge that Heals – Part 2 BELOW

Since man is in the small what God is in the large, man is a similar trinity. We are material in body on the lowest vibration; we have a subjective mind (subconscious); and we are a thinker, being one with God on the highest vibration.

Aspects of the Human Thinker

Body: Before going any further into healing, let’s consider what our body is really made of. The raw material of the universe, which is referred to as the body of God, is of the Unformed Substance that makes up our body.

Our body is in fact a sacred temple in which Spirit dwells, and through which Spirit operates by the Law of Mind. We are however much denser and operate at a much lower vibration than Spirit or Mind. But at the same time we are Spiritual Substance and unless we clearly grasp this truth, we will miss much of the prerequisite knowledge for healing.

Mind: Through our study of the mind, we have come to understand the difference in our conscious (objective) and subconscious (subjective) mind.

-conscious, or objective – it’s directive function: Represents our most steadily conscious state. When we awake in the morning and look at the clock, it reports the time back to us. Based on the time, we choose a course of action, we either get up and start our day or choose to go back to sleep. We are reasoning, choosing and directing mind.

Our power, of reason and selection, and the ability to direct, corresponds to Spirit in the Infinite Thinker.

subconscious, or subjective: When we sleep at night, the conscious, or objective mind stops choosing, and the mental activities of our sleeping hours (dreams) are largely the product of the subconscious, or subjective mind. It is in this great, buried unconscious depth that our memories of our past thoughts and actions are stored; most of which we are unable to consciously recall.

Our subconscious, or subjective mind is intelligent, creative and obedient.

Intelligent: Subconscious mind is more than we put into it, it is one with the great surrounding ocean of Mind, giving it Infinite Intelligence. No one knows how to put fragrance in a single flower; yet this Mind is touching millions of flowers daily with its magic wand, and distilling their subtle essences into perfume from the soil, water, air and sunlight.

The Universal Subjective Mind knows how every successful business is built, how to turn ideas into cash, how to take a sick business and make it well, or how to turn a defeated life into a masterpiece. It has the knowledge that we need to lift us out of every limiting circumstance and flood our life with good. Our subjective mind is one with this Mind.

Creative: It is our subconscious mind that is creative. It carries out the multifaceted activities of our body. Nothing goes on anywhere in the universe without Mind, and this includes the body.

Subconscious mind keeps the heart beating; the diaphragm falling and rising to bring air into, and expel from, the lungs; keeps all the digestive and eliminative processes going; carries nerve energy to every inch of the body; manufactures fluids, hormones and enzymes within the body.

Obedience: Universal Subjective Mind builds always according to the pattern laid down by Spirit. The Power of the universe awaits our recognition of ourself as spirit. Once recognized we are privileged to speak the word that directs Mind to follow that pattern. We can set the Law of Mind in motion in the direction that we desire.

Man as spirit, or objective mind, has as servant subjective mind, which obeys his conscious choices. A most important characteristic is its absolutely neutral obedience, having no wishes of its own.

Its incredible but true; the Power and the Activity of God awaits our directing word, willing and ready to move into creative activity as directed. This is what awaits us when we understand our privileges as incarnations of God.

This mighty Healing Power is not a person; it’s a Principle. It is the fundamental Principle in the universe. The moment we accept our rightful place and send the Law into motion, we feel this Power and start seeing its results.

Just like electricity the laws of action must be observed: there must be tight connections, and it must be connected with it’s source of power; in like manner, the Law of Mind response to an intelligent use of its power.

There literally is a flood of Universal Power dedicated to our use, awaiting our word, and is entirely subservient to our will. We do not have to pray to it, ask it, or plead with it. We need merely to recognize it, and know within ourself that it is ours for the enlarging of our life, health, happiness, and prosperity.





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