Health, Mastery and the Power Within

Mastery in any area of our life begins with the recognition that we have access to unlimited Power. Prior to this recognition, we flounder around at the mercy of circumstances. We make futile attempts at progress often circling around and around recreating the same life experience.

Many have come to this realization seeing the truth, and for them a new life is dawning. They are moving out of the place of sickness and defeat into their intended place of health and mastery.

It is our individual responsibility to choose our own destination; the only limiting factor being ourself. If we to wish to sit shivering in the cold, whimpering and complaining, it is our choice. We are all free agents. Or we can pick our self up and make our way to the warm glow of the eternal fire, and enter into a life that contains all the elements of happiness.

It is our responsibility to choose our destination, the power to bring us there is furnished by the Infinite. Only when we grasp this fundamental fact will we be prepared to relinquish our own unaided effort and rely upon Cosmic Mind to keep the engines running while we steer the ship.

Just as impersonally as a ship’s engines respond to proper direction, so does the Universal Law of Mind respond to our conscious direction. We live in an ocean of subjective mind. It is all around us. We call this Universal Subjective Mind; that which we use of it we call individual subjective mind.

The more we conceive of using the Universal Mind, the more powerful our thoughts become. We can increase to infinity our concept of the Power available for our use by clearing our vision and fully acknowledging this Life Force. We will then find there is as much Power available as we can mentally accept.

God and his power fill the entire universe; yet all of God is in every man, every tiny organism, and every blade of grass. When we awaken to this concept, it can stagger the imagination. Our picture of ourself, until now, has been based on fears of illness and defeat.

Where we were once at the mercy of illness and pain, we now glimpse the vastness of the truth that all the Universal Power flows through our mind and body. We are able to sit back in quiet assurance with a total absence of fear at the appearance of illness.

In the face of Universal Healing Power and Presence, illness and hopelessness pales into insignificance, shrinking to a small and undernourished apparition that is trying to scare us. We know it for what it is – an ugly picture trying to assume reality.

The only Reality in the universe is Spirit. The material world, in all its varying forms, is only a shadow world. The real world is the world of Spirit and Mind. With this understanding we can free ourself from fear of sickness and defeat, because “Greater is He that is for us than they that are against us.”



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