Diverse Material Methods of Healing

In the Universe – there exist a fundamental Healing Principle operating independently of medication. It is in action whenever anyone gets well. Just consider the following:

A redwood – or any other tree for that matter – heals itself by forming what’s called burls at the point where a limb has broken off. The burl contains a brand-new cellular material that forms new thickened wood tissue and heals the stump.

A bird in the forest, breaking a wing or a leg is healed after a lapse of time.

The torn hide of a jungle animal heals without outside intervention.

A pin prick on man’s finger does the same. Small cuts and bruises are likewise healed naturally.

It is one of the wonders of nature that these bodies of ours, so fragile and easily injured, seem to posses within themselves something that tends to start a healing operation soon after injury occurs.

Diverse Methods of Healing

Allopathy: As medicine became an organized body of knowledge, its members were agreed that large doses of drugs were necessary. Thus the first school of medicine was the allopathic, which dosed our grandparents with liberal quantities of herbs and herbal extracts and sometimes with some rather strange mixtures of other things not quite so nice.

Homeopathy:  In 1786, A German Physician named Samuel Hahnemann startled the medical world with the pronouncement that current medical practice was all wrong. He argued that infinitesimal doses of drugs would produce better healing results that the large does of the the allopath. His homeopathic system was built upon the latin phrase “Similia similibus curantur,” meaning Likes are cured by likes.” He argued that a drug that would produce violent symptoms if given in an overdose would, if given in very tiny doses, cure a disease that showed similar symptoms even though the symptoms had not come from an overdose of drug.

He was persecuted and hounded. The allopathic school contended that he was ridiculous and futile. They pointed to their many cures of sick people as evidence that they held the true secret of healing.

On the other hand, Hahnemann argued that his theory was the true answer to disease and referred to a long array of curred people to prove his contention.

Remember that these illustrious gentlemen lived in a day so dark that they did not as yet know even of the existence of bacteria. Consequently, they did not see what is the actual truth: that beneath both systems is the fundamental Healing Principle that is contacted whenever anyone gets anyone else well.

Osteopathy:  In 1874, Andrew Still, M.D. of Missouri, asserted that both allopath and homeopath were mistaken as to the causes of disease and the true method of cure. Dr. Still argued in part that sickness is due to a sluggishness of the vital bodily functions. He practiced a method of bodily manipulation that he said woud stimulate the circulation of the blood and the lymph, and insisted that the body needs no drugs. Many people were cured as a result of Still’s treatment.

The allopathic physicians, who by this time had gained recognition and respectability, pounced upon Still and his osteopaths and proceeded to have them thrown into jail.

Now there were three schools of healing, each claiming to have the only true method and each either openly or secretly belittling the other. Then came the fourth.

Chiropractic: In 1895, a gentleman in Davenport, Iowa named D. D. Palmer, advanced the theory that all disease is due to the impingement of the nerves as they pass out through the little openings between the spinal vertebrae, this pinching resulting in the diminution of the nerve supply to the parts affected. Thus the school of chiropractic came into being.

By this time, the osteopaths had gained recognition; so they joined their medical brethren in persecuting the newcomer. But the early chiropractors were zealots as well as practitioners; prison sentences only fanned the flame of their enthusiasm, and they eventually gained recognition in most of the States because their methods of treatment also got people well.

This knowledge is important in the understanding of main stream medical practice. The next post will delve deeper into the underlying Universal Healing Power, that without, healing would be impossible.



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