The Power of God Lies Beneath All Systems of Healing

What is the underlying Infinite Intelligence that allows so many different forms of healing to take place? Is it not strange that the four schools of healing: Allopathy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic; should all get excellent results from their diverse systems of treatment?

We must go beyond the specific system to find the real cause of healing.

Dr. Elmer Hess, previous president-elect of the American Medical Association declared:

“A physician who walks into a sick room is not alone. He can only minister to the ailing person with the material tools of medicine – his faith in a Higher Power does the rest. Show me a doctor who denies the existence of the Supreme Being, and I will say that he has no right to practice the healing art. I am afraid, however, that the concentration on basic science in our medical schools is so great that the teaching of spiritual values is almost [all but] neglected.”

Hess doesn’t say that physicians must throw away their valuable training and experience, become lax in diagnosis, or discontinue those measures found necessary to remove obstructions, or rectify physical malformations.

He means that the power that heals is more potent than anything that any human can provide. Physicians who recognize this are a blessing to mankind; and they are forerunners of the physicians of the future.

It is my belief that none of these systems has pre-empted the field of successful treatment. During my 5 years of crippling, chronic pain I saw over 20 specialists from General Practitioners, Orthopedics, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Physiatrists, Psychiatrists, Chiropractors, ad infinitum. I endured painful and dangerous testing and received no solution of any healing result. What I did receive was enough prescription medication to kill a horse. And not one of these professionals spoke to me of turning to a Higher Source.

It has been said there is a Divine Power upon which all physicians must ultimately rely in bringing their patients back to health – The doctor treats, but God heals.

Whatever this Healing Principle is, it must be the only Healing Agency, and it must be far bigger than any system.

If your physician is one who scoffs at the idea of spiritual healing, you must fortify yourself mentally against the contagion of your physician’s thought. When we are ill this can be really hard to do. Ultimately it is our individual responsibility to heal. We must find the resources that can help us navigate our path and I am always here to assist!









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