The Teaching and Healing Method of Jesus – Part 1

The teaching and healing method of Jesus:  Jesus, the Carpenter of Galilee brought a new message of healing to the world.

–inner cause:  He declared that all sickness is the result of disturbed inner mental states. He taught that when these mental states are corrected, the physical illness state will disappear.

In the practice of psychosomatic medicine, modern medical men are restating the thesis of Jesus in their own language and are endeavoring to correct the disturbed mental states that are the fundamental causes of sickness. Jesus has had to wait 2000 years for scientific vindication, but it is here with a vengeance.

—a corrected spiritual life is the solution:  While it is true that Jesus brought a message of inner spiritual life, it is also true that the heart and the fundamentals of his doctrine have been overlooked in the maze of theological dogma. He did not talk so much about an ultimate salvation beyond the grave; a corrected spiritual life is to be the solution to the problems of earth life. The major portion of the material, physical well-being of man. He taught a high spiritual standard of life, not as means to gain heaven after death, but as the key to life abundant here and now.

man’s mind one with God-Mind:   Jesus taught that the mind of man is one with the Mind of the Infinite Thinker throughout the universe. He taught that man and the Father are one; that apart from the Source, man can do nothing; that all man’s activities are merely the working of the Cosmic Intelligence throught him.

Man’s liberation will come to the degree that he can become aware of the activity of this God-Mind in him; and since it works by law, he can learn to put himself in line with that Law when all friction will cease.

We might liken it to the smooth, silent flow of the great Mississippi River, pulled by the law of gravitation toward the ocean, rising in a ripple only when a rock or some other obstruction hinders its movement.

Jesus taught that so long as man goes along with the Universal God-Mind, with which his mind is one, there cannot possibly be any sense of friction, frustration, or inharmony; that man’s mental states can raise obstructions to the God-Mind; and that when they do this, he suffers.

man a son of God: Jesus taught the true nature of man – not a worm of dust, born in sin and condemned by a shocked and horrified God; not doomed to a life of misery in a world that is hostile to him, and sighing with relief when death frees him from his slavery and ushers him into eternal bliss. He taught that man is of the highest birth and destiny, in very truth a son of God.

He taught that man is the master of his circumstances. but that he has been hypnotized into believing he is a slave. He taught that the world is not a hostile place, but that it is man’s servant; that sin and sickness have no right to have dominion over him, and that the ultimate sin is blindness to this fact; that as long as man believes that he lies fettered, he will suffer chains of his own making, both that his privilege is to stand up, throw off his shackles and step out into the glorious liberty of a son of God.

I can’t describe the liberation I felt upon owning my true power as son/daughter of God! It was advantageous to me that I did not have a lifetime of religious dogma to clear away. I am grateful for that. I trusted fundamental truths like: “when the student is ready the teacher will appear,” “knock and the door will open,” “a mustard seed of faith was a great start,” and my own very favorite – “As a seeker of truth, I can’t lose!”

If I can be of assistance to anyone that is suffering from illness, chronic pain, caught-up and lost in a system that is overloading you on addictive drugs…contact me. We CAN get through this together. I promise!




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