The Teaching and Healing Method of Jesus – Part 2

“Jesus had a marvelously clear conception of man’s rights as a son of God. He had shaken off the world’s psychology and dared to claim his birthright of entire freedom. His thought plumbed the vast depths of truth, and cut through the shallow thinking of his time as it cut through the twentieth-century poverty of thought. His clear vision and understanding, his inner awareness of the truth of man’s oneness with God, surpassed that of any other thinker the world has ever seen. His inner conviction of the inexorable working of natural, mental, and spiritual law enable them to line up with the God-Mind and produce results that even today are regarded as miracles by poor souls with stunted vision.

man’s inner perfections: Jesus taught that man is perfect at his inner core, If we can visualize man as being represented by three concentric circles, we can get an idea of Jesus’ view of man.

He taught that man in the innermost circle, at the center of his being, is Spiritual Essence of Being. This center is as God is, never sick, suffering, nor limited in any way always perfect in health and happiness, at perfect peace, entirely in harmony with the universe and everyone in it. This is the unchanging side of man. Nothing ever ruffles him here, and nothing can ever hurt him or defeat him way more than it could ruffle, hurt, or defeat God. It is the spiritual center from which all healing comes, and from which all mastery of life develops. It is his personal world of Causes.

The outer circle represents man’s physical body and his material possessions – his personal world of effects.

Man possesses the power of choice. He can stand in the intermediate circle and turn his thoughts outward to his outer circle or inward to his inner central circle.

If his mental states are allowed to dwell upon his outer circle, with its sickness, pain, poverty, and limitation, these experiences are perpetuated through the creative power of his thought. If, on the other hand, he uses his power of choice to dwell upon the peace, perfection, and entire harmony of his innermost being, these qualities will be manifested in his outer life because man’s mind has creative power.

Every experience is first an idea held in mind. Everything that we ever enjoy was first an idea in mind, and everything that robs us of happiness was likewise first an idea. Mind is entirely neutral in its creative activity. It works ceaselessly, even while we sleep, creating into form that which we mentally accept as ideas.

Every business concern was first only an idea in the mind of the founder. Every home that is built is first an idea in the mind of the owner. Every sickness is first an idea in the mind of the thinker. The loss of a job or of friends or of security is first of all an idea held in mind.

Man sometimes objects to such a statement, because he has not always been observant enough to be aware of the quality of his thought. A thought is sometimes only a momentary flash before it is stored away in the depths of the subjective mind. Once there, beneath the level of consciousness, it is no longer recognized by the person, who sometimes indignantly denies that he ever has thought of such a thing.

But it is continuously worked upon by the great Law of Mind, and continues to send up feeling states for which we sometimes are at a loss to account. We can set it down as truth that nothing ever manifests in the outer life unless it has been accepted and stored in the subjective, which is more than a mental storehouse; it is the factory working causes into effects according to a Law that never varies.

Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create and manifest.

turning to the inner perfection: Jesus stressed the necessity for keeping the mind turned into the Spiritual Center and insisted that if this is done, spiritual perfection will flow through the mentality out into the physical. Conversely, if one’s mental states are occupied with the outer world of his chanaging physical states, he will continue to experience that which he contemplates.

There is a great truth here, and one that is too often overlooked. Whenever man’s attention is diverted from the eternal, unsick, undefeated Spiritual Center, which is the image and likeness of God in man – whenever his mind turns from the awareness of this Spiritual Center, then and then only can physical manifestations of illness become apparent.

Jesus’s method of healing consisted in denying the reality of the outward pathological appearance and affirming the reality of man’s inner perfection.

This is the only method Jesus ever used. He placed no reliance upon concentration, will power, hypnotism, or any of our well-known psychological processes. He always called into action the higher Law of Spirit contemplating its own reflection as a perfect image, then the formative action of Mind producing that reflection of perfect image in the body, mind, and circumstances of the patient.

In that day, it was a beautiful philosophy; today it also has scientific proof. But even in that day, it was more than a theory; Jesus furnished pragmatic proofs in his numerous healings, which puzzled the leaders of his day, and have continued to puzzle some investigators until the present. Many concluded that he must have supernatural powers, in spite of the fact that he insisted that they too could heal the sick if they followed his mental and spiritual method.

Thus the world slept for twenty centuries, and has groaned under its burdens. If the message of Jesus had been correclty interpreted, the entire course of history would have been changed. Wars would never have been necessary. Sickness and poverty would have been eliminated entirely or reduced to a negligible amount, manifesting only through those of lowest spiritual understanding, and there would have been fewer and fewer of these darkened souls as time passed.

The astounding growth of scientific investigation reagrding the nature of the universe is bringing a recurrence and validation of Jesus’ teaching. The two are converging, and the point at which they come togiehter is the field of healing. Every twenty-four hours, thousands of men and women are stepping across the boundary into the field of mental and spiritual treatment, following the true interpretation of the words of Jesus and other great healers and teachers.”

Frederick Bailes – Your Mind Can Heal You


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