I Would Not Have Believed It Had It Not Happened To Me

I went out on a limb, an act of faith – when I began this healing treatment. First you must remember, I had exhausted ALL options. My pain was as bad as ever and all the medication was literally killing me. I WANTED to die because I couldn’t live that life any longer. As I said in my Day 1 post, I prayed deeply for guidance and I received it in the form of a book by Dr. Frederick Bailes: Hidden Power for Human Problems.

Less then 5 months later I have my life back. I released myself from the care of pain doctors and decided to trust every word I read in Bailes’ book. I began everyday with his A Prayer for Expectancy of Good, and I healed.

So when you read about this incredible healing power that we all possess, believe it! Doubt doesn’t heal. I combatted every doubt, fear and negative thought with its opposite. I argued myself into acceptance. My healing is a miracle, something we get to have if we want it. In all honesty I would not have believed it had it not happened to me.

A point that must be made clear is that the treatment takes place wholly within the mind of the practitioner, a practitioner being one who practices and/or performs healing on oneself or another. You don’t try to influence the mind of the patient except as you may need to enter into an explanation of thought processes for the purpose of clarifying the patient’s understanding.

When working with another, the practitioner’s whole effort during treatment is to convince him or herself beyond the shadow of a doubt that this person for whom you are working with is perfect as seen by the Infinite Thinker, and to remove from your own mind any belief in the idea of imperfection concerning this person.

We see evidence of Cosmic Intelligence everywhere. It’s working now among the stars. Believe that you are surrounded by an ocean of Mind that exist into infinity; that this Mind is the only Mind in the universe; and that when you or anyone thinks, you do so by using this Mind. What we call individual minds are in reality only single drops in this great ocean of Mind; yet they are this One Mind. Mind is indivisible; therefore, what is known at one point in Mind can be known immediately at all points in Mind.

Spirit is Ultimate Reality

The patient complaining of sickness, contacts the practitioner. His distress is very real to him as the evidence comes to him through his senses. The practitioner knows that the evidence of the senses appears real, but is not ultimate Reality; that ultimate Reality is the unchanging perfection of Spirit.

Realizing that the patient has a distorted view of himself and his condition, the practitioner has to heal the false belief. He convinces himself, through argument and realization, of the falsity of the person’s notion. He positively must keep himself separated from the false belief that the person labors under, as the rescuer must keep the drowning person’s hand from clutching him. By convincing himself of the spiritual perfection of the patient, he sets in motion a true idea, which is opposite to the sufferer’s false idea.

Both being in the One Mind, he then convinces himself that the patient knows that which he himself knows concerning this person’s spiritual perfection, even though this knowledge at present may be entirely in the subconscious mind of the patient, and therefore not yet recognized.

By holding steadily to his conviction of the spiritual and physical well-being of the patient in spite of all apparent evidence to the contrary, he becomes the rescuer who brings the drowning person back to shore. Eventually, the patient substitutes the perfect thought of the practitioner for his own imperfect thought, and the healing manifests itself.

For me this is simply doing for others what they can’t yet do for themselves. Its not magic, its simply Truth. We are not meant to suffer. We are of Divine design and function. It is hard to grasp this truth when you are in the throws of physical pain, symptoms of disease, and of course “medical prognosis.” Had it not worked for me I would not be sharing this with you right now.

So, hold the truth for your loved one or friend that is suffering and afraid. Read Dr. Frederick Bailes’ book and learn the process, or read my blog posts starting on Day 1 Intro. I spell it all out. I wish you well and please know that you may contact me anytime if you wish.



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